Erotic By Nature
"Rejects the puritanical misogyny of most popular pornography in favor of free, feminist sexual expression. A lushly designed volume of beautiful, decorously lit nudes." -- Photo Metro
Erotic By Nature
A Celebration
Of Life, Of Love,
And Of Our
Wonderful Bodies

Edited by David Steinberg
Photo ©Charlie Clark from Erotic By Nature
Erotic by Nature
is a collection of visual and written erotica of unprecedented artistic quality and imagination, a celebration of the potential sex holds for deep joy, wonder, intimacy, and self-awareness. Directed to women and men of all ages and life styles, Erotic by Nature demonstrates that quality erotic photography, writing, and art can be intensely passionate and provocative without being pornographic -- without being stale or inflated, without manipulating sexual frustrations and fears, without depicting sex as an arena of male control and female submission. It is an affirmation of the importance, complexity, and subtlety of sexual feeling, a new genre of erotic imagery and writing that invites us to move beyond both pornography and sexual prohibition to welcome and explore the best of our erotic selves. Drawing from the work of 36 women and 25 men, aged 30 to 73, Erotic by Nature presents a wide range of erotic perspectives that take the reader from the sexual to the sexual, from the familiar to the novel, from the conventional to the daring, from lighthearted play to the deepest aspects of personal identity and interpersonal connection:

"Photographs so powerful that we lose our breath in pleasant agitation and joy. Here is sex in all its majesty and joy. One of the best erotic books we have ever seen." -- Cupido

  • Photo ©Stephen Siegel from Erotic By Nature
    122 duotone photographs by Ron Raffaelli, Edna Bullock, Michael Rosen, Tee Corinne, Hella Hammid, Gypsy Ray, Tom Millea, Jack Morin, Vivienne Maricevic, Steven Baratz, Martha Casanave, Marc Chaton, Charlie Clark, Morgan Cowin, Greg Day, Clytia Fuller, Paul Johnson, Catharina Marlowe, Marjorie Michael,Terry Rozo, Stephen Siegel, Ron Terner.
  • 15 short stories by Marco Vassi, Deena Metzger, Sandy Boucher, Michael Rubin, Susan St. Aubin, David Steinberg, C.M. Decarnin, H.M. Ruggieri, Lauren Crux, Norman Lavers, Donna Ippolito, Wheatsinger, Dreaminhawk.
  • 17 drawings by Betty Dodson, Gary Epting, Julie Ball, Harriet Moore, Greg Sterling Gervais, Kaleiiliahi Henkelmann/Muller, Adele Aldridge.
  • 38 poems by James Broughton, Lyn Lifshin, Lenore Kandel, Arthur Knight, Leslie Simon, David Steinberg, Carolyn Kleefeld, Rochelle Lynn Holt, Antler, Ron Koertge, Carolyn Kleefeld, Cheryl Townsend, Dreaminhawk, Virginia Love Long, Lani Kaahumanu, Lili Bita, Deborah Abbott, M. E. Max, Elliot Richman, Michael Hill, Magi Schwartz.

Photo ©Ron Rafaelli from Erotic By Nature
David Steinberg has been active in feminist and men’s movements for the past 16 years, leading workshops on men's roles, fathering, and male sexuality. His books include The Erotic Impulse: Honoring the Sensual Self; Fatherjournal: Five Years of Awakening to Fatherhood; Beneath This Calm Exterior; Welcome, Brothers; If I Knew the Way; Yellow Brick Road; and Doing Your Own School. His writing has appeared in Playboy, Salon, Boston Phoenix, LA Weekly, Salon, Notorious, San Jose Metro, Cupido, The Sun, Libido, The Realist, Gauntlet, and Issues in Radical Therapy. He lives in Santa Cruz, California.


"A graceful compendium that brings elegance to sheer eroticism. The sort of gift you give as a love present for the holidays." -- The Book Reader

A fine quality, large format hardbound edition
224 pages, 11" x 8-1/2"
ISBN 0-940208-13-X
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