The Ecstatic Moment - The Best of Libido
No-holds-barred writing from the pages of Libido magazine:
"Our favorite source of contemporary erotica." -- Playboy

Since 1988 Libido magazine has set the standard for literary erotica, as a publication aimed at open-minded, adventurous men and women craving provocative, sexually charged reading. This groundbreaking collection brings together the very best writing from he magazine the Chicago Tribune calls "a journal for highbrows who still have animal urges."

322 pages, paperback. $11.95 ($4 s/h)
For discriminating tastes, a gustatory romp by Johanna Baird in "B is for Bechamel" features a restaurant owner who licks and nibbles every culinary creation off her new chef's body. Surprises abound, particularly in stories such as "Yum, Yum" by Larry Tritten, where a man finds that his wife is having an affair... with his mistress. Love and love games are all tied together in tales like "Decisions, Decisions," when author Jane Underwood explores the endless layers of desire between two lovers. In all, over forty superb stories and poems come together in a daring collection of sensual fantasies, taboo-breaking romps, and forbidden liaisons. The result is an arousing anthology that offers a tantalizing embrace of Eros to satisfy both the body and the mind.