#41 Spring 1999 (Volume 11, Issue 1)
Photo preview from Naked Libido :Eugene Zakusilo, Trevor Watson, Ralph Steinmeier
Yin-to-Yang Now and Then -- classic and modern erotica
Exclusive exceprpt: The Anatomist by Frederico Andahazi HALF PRICE

#42 Summer 1999 (Volume 11, Issue 2)
Sodomy for the Masses!
Photo portfolio by Karel Pobrislo
The Evolution of Western Pornography
Goodby to Gershon Legman
Fun Summer Reading! HALF PRICE

#43 Fall 1999 (Volume 11, Issue 3)
Photo portfolios: New York Love by Michelle Serchuk and Postcards from Paris by J.L. Del Valle
Erotic fiction, reviews, shorts, Sex Bio: Lola Montez HALF PRICE

#44 Winter 1999-2000 (Volume 11, Issue 4)
1000 years of erotica: Troubadours, Mark Twain, photo portfolios by by Eugene Zakusilo and Roy Stuart, Italian Renaissance reproduction, sex slang, Rules of Courtly Love, Behind the Scenes of Ecstatic Moments and more! HALF PRICE