#33 Winter 1997 (Volume 9, Issue 1)
Winners of the Libido Erotic Fiction Contest
Prostitution in Amsterdam
Sexual Beginnings by Betty Dodson
Stairmistress photos by Ralph Steinmeier
Shorts, Naked Brunch, Reviews
...and more!

#34 Spring 1997 (Volume 9, Issue 2)
Annie Sprinkle
Erotica at the British Museum
Sex Bio: Mahatma Gandhi
Sade by Vida
Lauren Silver photo portfolio by Stan Malinowski

#35 Summer/Fall 1997 (Volume 9, Issue 3)
Special Combined Issue!

Photo Erotica '97 -- Winners of the 1997 Libido Erotic Photography Contest
In Praise of Strap-Ons! by Carol Queen
Yin to Yang Erotic Short Stories
Reviews, Shorts, Naked Brunch, and more!

#36 Winter 1997-1998 (Volume 9, Issue 4)
Sex Words
How to Seduce a Catholic
Size Makes the Man: A Tail of the Circus
Winners of the 3rd Libido Short Fiction Contest
Trevor Watson's London photo portfolio
Photo portfolio by Ralph Steinmeier
Eros in Pompeii