#29 Winter 1996 (Volume 8, Issue 1)
Make Your Own James Bond Movie!
Feminimasculin: French Art Show
Russian American Photography: portfolio by Eugene Zakusilo
Love Between Three: portfolio by Bettina Bergemann
The Devil's In The Details By Karlett Kunkle
Shorts, Naked Brunch, Reviews
...and more! HALF PRICE

#30 Spring 1996 (Volume 8, Issue 2)
The Divine Cavity By Bill Douglas
Photo Portfolio by Bettina Bergemann
An American In Paris By Freida Madland
The Monkey's Paw By Catherine O'Sullivan
Shorts, Naked Brunch, Reviews
...and more! HALF PRICE

#31 Summer 1996 (Volume 8, Issue 3)
Summer Travel Special Issue!
Kinks, Perversions and Lies By Andrew Darlington
Photo Portfolio By Cliff Feulner
La Tour Eiffel By Carl Vogtman
Chicago Is A Bar Kind Of Town: portfolio by Ralph Steinmeier
The Three Of Us By Jesse Whetstone
Reviews, Shorts, Naked Brunch, and more! HALF PRICE

#32 Fall 1996 (Volume 8, Issue 4)
Sex, Lies, and Talking to Lena
The Brighter Vagina
Dick Joke
Hair Pie Piece
Photo Erotica '96:
24 Pages of sex in black & white HALF PRICE