#25 Winter 1995 (Volume 7, Issue 1)
Isadora's Almanac
Mad, Mad Madden (Erotic Cartoons)
Sexual Art: Photographs That Test The Limits
Her Buttocks By Anna Mortal
1-800-SEX-PHONE, A One-Act Play
What The Voyeur Saw: Photo Portfolio By Ace and Jim Tobak
Shorts, Naked Brunch, Reviews
...and more! HALF PRICE

#26 Spring 1995 (Volume 7, Issue 2)
Isadora's Almanac
American Folk Erotica
But Seriously Folks
, Cartoon Portfolio by Joe Lee
Elevator Music, Photo Portfolio By Ralph Steinmeier
Jalousie By Dennis Bartel
Shorts, Naked Brunch, Reviews
...and more! HALF PRICE

#27 Summer 1995 (Volume 7, Issue 3)
Ten Years of Sex With Isadora
Dessert for the Gourmet
By Bill Vickers
Illustrations By Norman Conquest
American Encyclopedia of Sex
Gigi's Friends, Photography By Gigi Stoll
Close Encounters Of The Sophie Kind By Sophie duChien
Reviews, Shorts, Naked Brunch, and more!

#28 Fall 1995 (Volume 7, Issue 4)
Winner -- 1st Erotic Short Fiction Contest:
No Laughing Matter By Frank Saxon
Fit To Fight: Prostitution and VD in WWI
Erotica Universalis: Sex Art Across The Centuries
Sexual Fantasy By Betty Dodson
A Document of Desire, Photo Portfolio By Ralph Steinmeier and Marianna Beck HALF PRICE