#5 Fall 1989 (Volume 2, Issue 1)
An Amorous History Of The American Presidency Part III By Armand Petrecca
The Chicago Exhibition: Private Peeks In Public Places, Photography By Diane Scmidt And Michelle Fitzsimmons
Trio Amoroso Part II By Gershon Legman
Spirit Flesh & Stone Photography By Franco Salmoiraghi
Shorts, Naked Brunch, Reviews and more!

#6 Winter 1990 (Volume 2, Issue 2)
Men Qua Men Photo Portfolio by Joe Ziolkowski
Mara's Rooom And The Three By Joan Nestle
Masturbation By Daniel Eisenberg
Moments Of Truth: Fiction, Poetry and Art -- The Best Erotic Writing
A Nosegay Of Neologisms By Armand Petrecca
Shorts, Naked Brunch, Reviews
...and more!

#7 Summer 1990 (Volume 2, Issue 3)
Yum Yum By Larry Tritten
Bombshells Photgraphy By Barbara Ciurej And Lindsay Lochman
A Kiss Is Just A Kiss Photo Book Excerpt
Almost Eden By Anne Rampling
Moments of Truth: The Best Erotic Fiction, Poetry, Art And Photography; Reviews, Shorts, Naked Brunch, and more! HALF PRICE

#8 Fall 1990 (Volume 2, Issue 4)Men Section:
Blind Date By William Roorbach
First Love Photos By Ron Raphaelli
May/December Communion By Martha Jeffries
The Sex Lives Of The Great Composers By Dennis Bartel
Travel: Profane In Spain
Moments of Truth: The Best Erotic Fiction
Shorts, Naked Brunch, Reviews and more! HALF PRICE