The X Factory: Inside the American Hardcore Film Industry

By Georgene Cevasco

If you’ve ever wondered what porn stars and directors are really like, then here’s a book for you.

Thousands of commercial hardcore films are produced every year, yet for the most part the industry remains a darkly mysterious commodity with the people behind the scenes generally seen as unscrupulous unsavories.

The X Factory is an eye-opening trip into the world of these adult feature films. Filled with genuine interviews with porn star notables, the book reveals the obscure by featuring intimate insights into the scenes and psyches of the women and men of XXX.

Though much has been written about the industry over the years, few works have revealed its inner workings with the depth and clarity this book offers. Its author, Petkovich displays a befitting, if tawdry, excitement in his elaborately detailed descriptions of the raw and graphic industry that is hardcore pornography. Here are the parts that you don’t see when you watch an adult movie.

Fascinating stuff.

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The X Factory: Inside the American Hardcore Film Industry by Anthony Petkovich (Headpress, 2002. ISBN: 1900486245. 208 pages, softcover, $19.95)

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