Libido: Reviews: A Wolf's Tail
A Wolf's Tail

By John Champion

Asia Carrera is one of the adult industry's top talents for a number of reasons: she's charming, smart (a member of MENSA), funny, technically inclined (just look at her site), a concert pianist, a good actress and sexy-as-hell all while maintaining an approachable "normal" image to her fans. She's the standout reason that makes A Wolf's Tail from director Simon Wolf so enjoyable. But there's more to the movie, particularly this DVD release, than just Asia Carrera that's worth watching.

Part of a trilogy, A Wolf's Tail follows novelist Carrera as her fantasy characters come to life and she is sucked into a world of Vampires, spirits and hero-hunk Evan Stone. The wolf is Carrera's spirit guide through this journey which owes as much to the top-notch special effects as it does the sex. A few of the highlights here include Carrera's seduction by a vampire, orgies of undead vamps and the final coupling between the two stars. If there is any drawback to any sex scene it's the opener with Allisyn Chains who is so disturbingly thin, it looks like she could be physically damaged during her heated session with a porn stud over a casket.

The movie itself has only a few shortcomings. It's shot on video rather than film, and for all the effects and attention to detail in environment, it can't help but have a somewhat lower-end quality look to it because of the format. Even shooting DV in "movie mode" might have fixed this. While most sex scenes are woven into the plot, some come across as forced and unnatural. One of the best scenes though is the energetic lovemaking between Herschel Savage (Carrera's sleazy book agent) and Alexandra Silk. Even if it's out of place and forced, it's a joy to watch as she has an intense, real orgasm. What makes up for any shortcomings is the honest attempt to make a real movie here with plot and character development.

The absolute best reason to own this DVD is for the extras -- and what extras they are! An entire second disc contains a wealth of information which obviously was given great care for this special package. To start, the normal cast bios seen on other discs are here replaced with mini interviews with each of the starts; a great change of pace from the usual text-and-graphic look of other DVDs. This allows the viewer to sit in and really get to know the actors such as Elizabeth X's genuine mixed feelings about what she does for a living. Two scenes from the movie are presented here in a re-edited "director's cut" format, a behind-the-scenes film let's us peek in on the hard work that into the movie and a documentary on the wolves used in the production is a most welcome surprise. Simon Wolf has done an excellent job here in providing an extra that is truly unique and a welcome change of pace from standard adult DVDs. Even the bonus scenes (pulled from other Adam & Eve titles) are very good quality, not the sort of cutting-room-floor rejects one might expect. All of the above is packaged with very slick graphics and a clever interface that uses stained-glass as the gateway to each segment.

As a moie, A Wolf's Tail is worth a look. The stars are attractive and appealing, the story entertaining and the sex scenes mostly erotic. As a DVD, this is a must-have for any collector or even casual observer of the genre.

A Wolf's Tail can be ordered directly from the distributor, Adam & Eve, for $29.95.