Another View of Ultime

By Dr. Kathleen Van Kirk-Veon
Vice President/Director of Content

Since I happen to love what adult film producer and free-speech advocate Candida Royalle is all about, I was definitely looking forward to trying the newest in her line of Natural Contour vibes. The Ultime is almost boomerang shaped. You use it by inserting the longer, shapelier part of the "U" (hence the name I suppose), which points upward, into the vagina – convenient for g-spot stimulation; the other end of the "U" stays outside of the vagina and rests against the clit.

What’s so amazing about this vibe is that because of its shape it stimulates both clit and g-spot pleasure zones at the same time. So not only can you move it in and out of you manually but you can also let the vibe do all the work and just sit back and enjoy. It proves to be easier to hold in your vagina than the Japanese-style dual vibes.

Like the rest of her Natural Contour line the Ultime is attractive – sky blue, sleek in design. Just by the looks of it you may not even realize that it’s a sex toy. It also lives up to its reputation for being ergonomically correct (I guess to make sure you don’t get carpal tunnel from masturbating too much!). It’s light in weight and easy to hold. The design allows you to move it to all of your erogenous zones. You can also insert it upside down to receive vibration against your anus instead of the clit.

Two drawbacks…there are three power levels, the highest one is actually quite loud (even though the Ultime is marketed as being quiet). The design should also be tweaked a bit to allow for more vibration from the clitoral end of the vibe. Currently, the vibration doesn’t carry as well to the clit end as it does to the insertable end. I have a feeling it’s because the batteries are located inside that section and they don’t transmit vibration as well. I believe the batteries vibrating against the plastic of the toy may be one reason for the extra noise on the high setting as well.

Over all, Candida has turned out another great option for masturbation. She gets major kudos for really being one of the first sex toy designers to address women’s needs in an innovative way and not just assuming that one vibe fits all (or so to speak). The Ultime is worth owning if just for the fact that no other vibe available stimulates both the clit and the g-spot in the same way at the same time.

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For complete information and ordering instructions, please visit Candida Royalle's Femme web site.