Erotic Travel Tales

Edited by Mitzi Szereto

Book Description
Written to satisfy wanderlust or arouse it, Erotic Travel Tales showcases explicit erotic fiction set in evocative locales: from the incense-laden temples of Bombay to the sex clubs of New Orleans; from stolen pleasures in the Himalayas to anonymous encounters in London's Soho; from a woman discovering ecstasy in Capri to a priest's lust for a Flamenco dancer; from love lost in Athens to a return to Thomas Mann's Venice. The perfect sexy reading companion for globetrotters and arm-chair travelers alike.

Features an international line-up of authors, including Maxim Jakubowski (Mammoth Books of Erotica); Christopher Hart (The Harvest); Gerard Wozek (Dervish); Mary Anne Mohanraj (Aqua Erotica); M. Christian (Dirty Words); Jim Provenzano (PINS); Simon Sheppard (Rough Stuff); Jill Nagle (Whores and Other Feminists); Alison Tyler (Learning to Love It); Tabitha Flyte (Tongue in Cheek); Natasha Rostova (Captivation); Debra Hyde (Strange Bedfellows), and others.

"Having an affair could be likened to having a holiday: a refreshing break from the habitual, a sensual re-awakening to new possibilities. But losing yourself in these tales of erotic travel is like having an affair and a holiday simultaneously. The joy of sex and the pleasures of the text rolled into one. Reading doesn't come any better. "
--Erotic Review

"For the 'armchair traveler' who dreams of having non-stop arousing sex in every portof-call, this collection of erotic travel tales is all that's needed to fuel the fantasies. Some of today's best loved erotic writers from around the globe will take you on sexual journeys to distant cities that will never seem the same again!"
--Marilyn Jaye Lewis, author Neptune & Surf

Mitzi Szereto is author of the critically acclaimed Erotic Fairy Tales: A Romp Through the Classics (Cleis Press). Her work has appeared in Wicked Words 4, Joyful Desires, and The Erotic Review. She also writes as M. S. Valentine, author of The Captivity of Celia, Elysian Days and Nights, and The Possession of Celia.

Erotic Travel Tales Edited by Mitzi Szereto (Cleis Press, 2001. ISBN:1-57344-137-6. Paperback, 245 pages, $14.95)

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