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Sex for the Clueless

From the Publisher

Let Marcy Sheiner, an open-minded and proud advocate of the panorama of loving sexual experience and a widely published author of erotica and honest sex reporting, guide you through the ins and outs of great sex. Whether you've only thought about the possibilities or claim years of a satisfying sex life, you'll find information and encouragement here. Personal anecdotes, humor, and a lack of moralizing are styled into this unique and timely guide to healthy sexual attitudes.

Sex for the Clueless emphasizes communication between partners and will help you get in touch with your own sexuality by overcoming embarrassment, confronting taboos, and learning what really turns you on. You'll be encouraged to experiment, to "talk dirty," play roles, enact fantasies, and use sexual aids. You'll learn about sex clubs, swingers, strippers, erotic massage, workshops, books, and videos.

Illustrated with lighthearted line drawings and including a resource section listing recommended reading and viewing, sex toy catalogs, sex information services, and much more.

About the Author

Marcy Sheiner has written for Penthouse, Playgirl, High Times and many other magazines. She is the editor of several erotic anthologies, including Herotica 4, 5 and 6. She lives in California.

Sex for the Clueless by Marcy Sheiner, (Citadel Press. ISBN 0-8065-2163-5. 204 pages, softback, $12.00).

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