Sex Tips From Men Who Ride The Sexual Frontier

By Richard Pacheco

"Having had sex with many of the men in this book, I can assure you that they are not only great lovers, but great teachers."
--Annie Sprinkle

There can hardly be a greater endorsement than that just offered by the great Earth Mother Annie Sprinkle, but for those who require more let me explain that in Sex Tips..., Australia’s Jo-Anne Baker has amassed an outstanding collection of writings from twenty-seven men whom she views as among the world’s leading male sex experts. The purpose of these "tips" and the entire anthology is the noble one of enhancing our sexual pleasure, a subject near and dear to all of our hearts...among other organs.

This male version of Sex a companion piece to an earlier collection of Ms. Baker’s released last year, where, in similar purpose, she presented the writings of some thirty celebrated women she viewed as the modern trailblazers of female sexuality.

Baker herself has become one of Australia’s leading sex therapists and educators over the past decade. In the words of Annie Sprinkle, "Jo-Anne Baker is one of the wisest, kindest, most loving, compassionate people I know, and has a very wide range of experiences. She is exactly the kind of person I want to teach me about sexuality. I have learned much from her." That indeed is high praise from a master.

In a promotional blurb put out by the United Kingdom’s Fusion Press discussing some of the men in this anthology and their contributions, we learn that "Mantak Chia teaches Taoist techniques linking sexual energy with transcendent states of consciousness. Gigolo Shai Shahar shares the art of seduction; erotic performer Keith Hennesy has dedicated his life to sexual liberation; (and) John (Jack) Heidenry provides a historic perspective of sex."

At this point, I would be less than candid if I did not reveal that I, as the former porn star Richard Pacheco, was also interviewed for this book...along with Spectator Editor Layne Winklebleck and prized correspondent David Steinberg.

The other "Odd Balls," a term I whimsically offer up as perhaps descriptive of such men who would ride the so-called "sexual frontier," are Joseph Kramer, Stan Dale, Willem de Ridder, Panos Couros, Dan Savage, Justin Case, Robbie Swan, Robert McGinley, Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Kerry Riley, Jules Black, David Brown, Michael Castleman, Bill O’Hanlon, Dominic Davies, George Taleporos, Eugene Moore, Reverend Bill Huff Johnston, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, and Winston Higgins. Some of those names will no doubt seem familiar, while others may be new to you.

I could tell you a little bit about each of these guys and why Jo-Anne Baker is celebrating their work, but then I would be offering something akin to a Cliff’s Notes version of the book which I actually think you should read for yourself. These are fascinating tales written by men, who each in his own way, has dared to stray from the path of conventional male sexuality. The mix is multi-national and the sum total of the spectrum of male sexuality covered is truly immense.

Popular myths and stereotypes are exploded by the men who have given their life’s work to sexual exploration in one form or another. If I have any real criticism of this collection of Jo-Anne’s, it’s that I often wished the selections were longer and were able to go into greater depth. But then again, the works of these men are out there and having been introduced to them by Ms. Baker, I can follow up on my own. And the sex tips, the suggestions offerred by this diverse crew of penis-wielding men, are prescriptions for wisdom, sexual confidence, and adventure. The path may be thorny at times, but all good things demand their price. There are designated roads here well worth the travelling.

For my part, I must confess that when I initially did my interview with Ms. Baker, I had no idea where it would finally end up. I do a lot of interviews...most of them struggling with a chip on my shoulder because some writer...with a contract I wish I had... wants to pick my brain for free.

Y’see, I don’t know what the other guys will tell you, but it’s been my experience that the sexual frontier doesn’t exactly pay very well. Doing the work is one thing, marketing it is quite another. But Jo-Anne Baker came to me on a referral from Annie Sprinkle...and a lifetime of experience has left me willing to let anybody sniff my panties... that the wonderful Annie has sent my way.

And having read this book, I’m glad I did. I’m actually honored to be included in Jo-Anne Baker’s stud farm and I heartily recommend you give this anthology a read.

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Sex Tips From Men Who Ride The Sexual Frontier Edited By Jo-Anne Baker (Fusion Press, 2001. ISBN: 1-901250-85-7. 248 pages, softcover, $16.95)

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