The Great Sex Weekend

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Presents a model of female sexuality that blends the ancient wisdom of the Goddess cultures with current clinical knowledge to create a completely different view of feminine sexual expression.

From the author, Linda Savage, ,
April 21, 1999
My inspiration for writing the book and readers' benefits.
Hello, I'm Linda Savage, author of Reclaiming Goddess Sexuality:The Power of the Feminine Way. I appreciate your interest in my book.

I was inspired to write this book because of two seemingly unrelated circumstances. Many year ago, I had a powerfully erotic dream in which I participated in the Great Marriage ceremony. I didn't know what that was at the time, but when I read the research about the Goddess cultures and their view of sexuality, I discovered that this sacred ritual, enacted several times a year, was the experience I had had in the dream. You will find out about this practice, and many other fascinating facts about these women-honoring cultures, in my book.

The second reason I wrote this book is a result of my experiences in private practice as a psychologist and sex therapist. For over fifteen years I had been treating couples and individuals with sexual issues and had been amazed by the sheer numbers of women reporting that they have little desire for sex in their long-term relationships. In fact, sex clinics estimate that at least one out of three women in relationships are distressed because of lack of desire. In studying the cultures that honored women, I wanted to know how they approached sexuality in general and specifically, how they viewed women's sexuality. I found it to be vastly different from the way we look at sex, and far more life-affirming. The ancient matrilineal societies offered valuable insights into the mysteries of sexuality that can result in renewed sexual interest for many women.

Even if you do not feel that you are bored with your current sex life, this book can enhance your approach to sex and expand your sexuality towards new pathways of emotional and spiritual discovery. Reclaiming Goddess Sexuality will change how you perceive yourself and offer more diverse options for a new intimacy in a balanced sexual equation. You'll find that sex is more creative when it is well negotiated. Many experiences may harness the qualities of sexuality that are both healing and consciouness expanding.

I'd love to hear from you about your concerns, questions and triumphs.

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Reclaiming Goddess Sexuality By Linda E. Savage, Ph.D. (Hay House, Inc., 1999. ISBN: 1-56170-607-8. 293 pages, softcover, $13.95)

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