Marie & Jack:
A Love Story

Our aim at LIBIDO is to find and promote films and videos that we consider alternatives to mainstream porn. We are believers, with ACLU President Nadine Strossen, that the best alternative to numbing porn is not to ban it, but to make it better.

Marie and Jack: A Love Story is that kind of film; a portrait of a couple that sparks mind and body.

Marie and Jack are lovers. And they are also in and out of the "adult" industry. This half-hour film documents them talking about their relationship under such trying circumstances and making love to underscore the message. It’s shot in a confined, close-up style that adds a strong sense of intimacy -- both between Jack and Marie and between the viewer and them. Their humanity shows, as does their vulnerabilities.
That’s what makes the sex between them so erotic and gives the film such a strong feeling of veracity. You are right there with them.


Marie & Jack: A Love Story (Comstock Films, 2000. Directed by Tony Comstock, 30 min.) An earnest, honest intimate documentary of love and sex for a couple involved with the sex industry.
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