Libido: Reviews: The Hot Spots/The Naughty Bits
The Hot Spots
and The Naughty Bits

This month, Libido features two books which trawl the best fiction (past and present) for the erotic highlights. The Hot Spots looks to modern fiction by Zoe Heller to David Foster Wallace among many others while The Naughty Bits finds ancient texts as heated as the Old Testament all the way up to modern classics like Kurt Vonnegut's Breakfast of Champions.

The Hot Spots Book Description
Drawn from the works of America's greatest contemporary writers, The Hot Spots is an erotic anthology as richly diverse as it is startlingly original. From the warmly sensual to the explosively cutting-edge, from the playfully amoral to the profoundly moving, this unabashedly carnal collection delivers the good stuff, and more. E.L. Doctorow relishes in the earthy abandonment of a voracious boy and girl; Nathan Englander enlists the services of a prostitute to release an Orthodox Jew from his oppressive sexual urges; Lydia Lunch tailgates two violent lovers on the run, living out their pulp-fiction fantasies; Aimee Bender takes a normally sedate librarian through a licentious afternoon; Robert Stone shadows a strong, smart woman caught in a love triangle with two desperate men. With delicacy and daring, rapacity and repose, exultant lyricism and icy lucidity, these disparate literary masters will tease, touch, seduce, arouse and inspire you with the suggestive power of the written word.

The Naughty Bits Book Description
The literary education you've always lusted for.
Fresh from the virtual pages of comes this collection of "naughty bits," an irreverent look into the steamy, scandalous side of literature past and present. With bite-sized salacious excerpts from the classics -- new and old -- each with a fresh, insightful introduction, The Naughty Bits presents the world's great books as you never thought you'd see them.
Includes naughty bits by:

D. H. Lawrence
Philip Roth
Toni Morrison
Julio Cortázar
John Cheever
William Shakespeare
Thaddeus Rutkowski
John Donne
Thomas Malory
Günter Grass
Herman Melville
John Barth
Ernest Hemingway
Erica Jong
Thomas Carew
M. F. K. Fisher
William Kennedy
Jeanette Winterson
Paul West
Harry Mathews
Clarice Lispector
Giovanni Boccaccio
James Baldwin
Nicholson Baker
Tom Wolfe
John Wilmot
Kevin Canty
James Joyce
Lydia Davis
François Rabelais
Kenneth Starr
Henry MillerJohn Updike
Geoffrey Chaucer
Marquis de Sade
Sir Philip Sidney
Holly Hughes
Martin Amis
Andrew Marvell
The Pearl Poet
Thomas Pynchon
William Gibson
Mark Leyner
Margery Kempe
Jean Genet
Edmund Spenser
John Cleland
Kurt Vonnegut
Anaïs Nin
Keith Banner
Umberto Eco
J. G. Ballard
Mario Vargas Llosa
Jean de Meun
Catherine Breillat
George Eliot
Kenzaburo Oe
Cormac McCarthy
Larry Flynt
Rupert Brooke
The Old Testament

Jack Murnighan received a Ph.D. in literature from Duke University in 1999 while editor-in-chief of, the website that pioneered "literary smut." At Nerve he coedited (with Genevieve Field) the short story collection Full Frontal Fiction (Three Rivers Press, 2000). He now writes essays and fiction full-time. His stories have been chosen for The Best American Erotica in 1999, 2000, and 2001.
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The Hot Spots: The Best Erotic Writing in Modern Fiction Edited By J.H. Blair (Berkley Publishing Group, 2001. ISBN: 0-425-17837-4. 213 pages, softcover, $13.00)

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The Naughty Bits Edited By Jack Murnighan (Three Rivers Press, 2001. ISBN: 0-609-80660-2. 224 pages, softcover, $14.00)

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