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Horny? Los Angeles

By John Champion

Think it seems strange to have a guide to getting some in Los Angeles? Isn't that the town full of hypersexed babes and built boys in the business of maintaining fantasy? Tourists and natives alike have probably not completed the kind of research, though, into the erotic underbelly of Los Angeles like authors Hundley and Guzik have done.

Graphically splashy and handily organized, this Sexy, Steamy, Downright Sleazy Guide to the City offers up the best places for finding a thrill or two. Start the day sunning at nude beaches, watch strippers ply their trade, pick up some toys and then spend the wee hours watching the public floggings at a fetish club. The books lists many. In fact, there's no way even the most dedicated carouser could fit everything in to a long weekend. Working this book's advice would take years of perverted perserverance.

To be fair, Horny? LA leaves out the truly seedier end of the spectrum like prostitution or "full service" massages. Most of the places listed in the book are of the mainstream variety. But in a world in which Larry Flynt's store is as much a tourist destination as the studios tour and lit twice as bright as the Gap, anything sleazy is game for marketing to the whole family. That's not to say this book isn't useful! Horny? LA is a hell of a lot more useful than the Yellow Pages in planning a day of say, shopping for leather restraints, lubes, sex toys, lingerie and skyscraper heels -- and capping it all off in a mirror-ceiling motel room. Even better are the numerous sidebars and commentary which give a better taste of the city's style and characters. If there's any doubt, Chloe is the unequivocable "anal Queen" of Los Angeles if not the nation.

If you've been ambitious enough to do everything the book has to offer and still have an itch -- the kind that won't go away -- turn to the section listing free clinics and other safer sex resources.

This is the kind of book you will want to bring along on your next trip out west. Make a point of bringing back souvenirs from places like Agent Provocateur or La Perla. Even better if the authors decide to follow up with sex guides to other cities: New York? New Orleans? Chicago?

Horny? Los Angeles: A Sexy, Steamy, Downright Sleazy Handbook to the City by Jessica Hundley and Jon Alain Guzik (Really Great Books, 2001. ISBN: 1-893329-16-X. 256 pages softdcover $18.95

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