Good Vibrations Guide to Sex
3rd Edition

Book Description
Over 100,000 women and men around the world keep this classic sex manual on their bedside tables. Recommended by medical professionals, sex therapists, and sexual enthusiasts who know that when it comes to sex, there is power in information.

For all readers -- women and men, heterosexual, lesbian and bisexual -- this candid, upbeat guide offers expert advice on all aspects of sexuality:

  • How to talk about sex and keep your relationships sizzling
  • Clear, illustrated guide to sexual anatomy
  • Orgasms -- G-spot, female ejaculation, and multiple orgasms for both men and women
  • "If you want the job done right, do it yourself" -- Expanded section on masturbation
  • New! Sex Over a Lifetime -- Growing up, coming out, pregnancy, parenting, midlife cycles, and aging
  • New! Teens Sexual Bill of Rights
  • Real stories -- Hundreds of real people talk about real sex
  • New! Dealing with disability, depression and other medical issues
  • Fantasy -- Favorite themes, games, and power play
  • Comprehensive guide to erotica…in print, on screen, and on the internet
  • New! Latest sex toy innovations from cyberskin to microchips
  • Complete guide to vibrators, dildos, lubricants, and other sex gear, and how to introduce sex toys into your sexual repertoire

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From the Author
Why did you write this book?
We were inspired to write the first edition of this book when we worked in the women-owned vibrator store Good Vibrations. Many customers requested a comprehensive, up-to-date sex manual, but we simply couldn’t find one that spoke to a diverse audience, addressed a wide variety of sexual activities, and celebrated sex toy use. So we wrote it ourselves. Since its publication in 1994, The Good Vibrations Guide to Sex has sold over 100,000 copies, so we know we're on to something! It is used in health clinics and college sexuality courses, is recommended by sex therapists and medical professionals, and has helped women and men enjoy more satisfying sex lives.

Who is it written for?
Well, as one reviewer puts it, "It’s strange but true that your mother, your father, your celibate sister, and the teenage boy who mows your lawn could all benefit from this book." We write for Good Vibrations’ wide range of customers--gay, straight, bisexual, transgender, young, old, novices, old-timers, singles, partnered, multi-partnered, the physically challenged, and the sexually jaded, to name a few. And we write for the many people who are too shy to enter stores like Good Vibrations. Even those who don’t have the slightest interest in sex toys will find enlightening advice and information in The Good Vibrations Guide to Sex, which covers anatomy, desire, sexual technique, communication, and more.

Why have so many reviewers called this sex manual "the best"?
It’s the complete guide to a healthy sex life for people of all ages and sexual orientations, written in a friendly, inclusive, and nonjudgmental style. We offer advice, instruction, definitions, anecdotes, and validation for a variety of sexual interests and activities. We’re convinced that access to good sex information leads to greater health and happiness, and we hope to provide readers with all the encouragement they need to explore the wide world of sexual pleasure.

About the Author
Anne Semans and Cathy Winks, authors of The Woman’s Guide to Sex on the Web and The Mother’s Guide to Sex, have spent over fifteen years writing and speaking about sex. Both live in San Francisco. Anne is a freelance writer and Web consultant and Cathy is a health educator with The Sperm Bank of California.

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