Erotic Fairy Tales: A Romp through the Classics

From the Publisher

A traditional source of sexual titillation for adult readers, fairy tales historically boasted licentious themes before being cleaned up for the consumption of children in modern times. Seasoned erotica author Mitzi Szereto restores the explicit sex in these 15 tales — and adds some provocative surprises of her own. Here the bawdy humor of French fable meets the sublime eroticism of ancient Chinese myth; a not-so-virgin damsel weds a Prince Charming with a shoe fetish; Little Red Riding Hood discovers Grandma’s bed is open to any stray wolf; and a Japanese monk stumbles onto an S/M scene behind a forbidden door. Each tale is prefaced by a brief introduction telling its history and the sexual culture in which the work was originally composed.

About the Author

Mitzi Szereto is best known as M.S. Valentine, author of such erotica titles as The Captivity of Celia, Elysian Days and Nights, The Governess and The Posession of Celia. Her work has appearedin Joyful Desires (Masquerade Books), Wicked Words 4 (Black Lace), The Erotic Review and Shiny magazines. She is currently editing an anthology of erotica and writing a novel. She resides in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Erotic Fairy Tales: A Romp through the Classics by Mitxi Szereto (Cleis Press 2000, ISBN: 1-57344-124-4), $14.95, 175 pages, softback.

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