Beyond Orgasm:
Dare to be Honest About the Sex You Really Want

Book Description
Ever wish you could ask your partner to do something unspeakable to you in bed but don’t because it’s, well, unspeakable? Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to own up, speak up, and start transforming your sex life! Finally, an expert takes men off Mars, women off Venus and places them solidly on Earth -- where everyone has the potential for tremendous erotic enjoyment and closeness. Controversial author Dr. Marty Klein explodes the mythology of "normal" sex and reveals the truth about performance anxiety, desire, childhood traumas, and the destructive need to be a "great" lover in a book that challenges both singles and couples. Beginning where other sex and self-help books end, Beyond Orgasm explores the best-kept secrets of mind-blowing sex and promises nothing less than the passionate connection we all desire with our lovers.

Not the usual self-help book, Beyond Orgasm offers an innovative, proven program that will change anyone's experience of sex. At last, men and women will understand how they complicate, undermine and limit their sex lives -- and what they can do differently for rewarding sexual adventures every time. For those who want to understand themselves and their lovers -- and enjoy themselves and each other free of guilt, fear or shame -- Dr. Klein takes them Beyond Orgasm as he has successfully done for thousands of others nationwide. With dozens of challenging ideas ballanced by humor, sensual photographs and fascinating stories, Beyond Orgasm is as sexy as it is surprising. Covering:

  • Common myths about orgasm
  • New approaches to fantasy and experimentation
  • Taboo sexual desires that are absolutely common
  • How sexual secrecy leads to dysfunction
  • The most common question: "Am I normal?" -- with an innovative answer that will change lives

About the Author
Dr. Marty Klein is a sex therapist and sex educator and has been a licensed marriage and family counselor for more than 20 years. He is the author of five books and more than 150 articles on sexuality and relationships. He lives and practices in Palo Alto, California.

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Beyond Orgasm: Dare to Be Honest About the Sex You Really Want by Dr. Marty Klein (Celestial Arts, 2002. ISBN: 1-58761-168-6. 272 pages, softcover, $14.95)

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