The Art of Sensual Loving
An Illustrated Guide

Book Description
In this newly revised edition of The Art of Sensual Loving, Dr. Andrew Stanway shows how a return to the pleasures of courtship and romance, filtration and seduction, can greatly enhance a loving sexual relationship. With more than twenty-five years of clinical practice behind him, Dr. Stanway explores how couples today can achieve not only greater intimacy in their relationships, but also be more innovative in their lovemaking. Subjects covered include attraction and courtship, the art of seduction, the role of fantasy, sensual and erotic massage, understanding arousal, sex drives, and desire, and how to create romantic opportunities. This fully illustrated, full-color volume celebrates the art of courtship anew as it frankly discusses the issues of intimacy and commitment that all couples face. Practical suggestions regarding romantic settings, the role of sex toys, and shared fantasies round out mature descriptions of detailed lovemaking techniques and positions. The Art of Sensual Loving's latest edition confirms its status as a classic guide to greater sexual fulfillment for couples.

About the Author
Dr. Andrew Stanway is an experienced relationship therapist, best-selling author, and presenter. He has written over 60 books about medicine and health including A Couple's Guide to Loving, The Joy of Sexual Fantasy, and The Loving Touch.

The Art of Sensual Loving: An Illustrated Guide By Dr. Andrew Stanway (Carroll & Graff Publishers, 2003. ISBN: 0-7867-1143-4. 159 pages, softcover, $19.95)

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