Libido: Reviews: Water Dancer
Vibratech’s Water Dancer Mini Vibrator

By Ellen Barnard

I have to make a confession: I really like battery-operated vibrators. Some women look down their noses at toys powered by those little AA or C cells; I love the fact that each one feels a little different. Some hum, others buzz, and still others have an indescribable throb that speaks to my clit and echoes my pulse.

For years, one of my favorite toys has been the Mini Massager, the Pocket Rocket. I got my first one from It’s My Pleasure, a lovely sex boutique in Portland, but even staid mall chain stores like Brookstone have sold it as an accupressure massager (!).

Why the Pocket Rocket? Well, it’s one of those lovely throbby vibrators, with much more power than its four-inch length would indicate. I like that it has different surfaces to play on. The side of the toy throbs along my labia to stimulate the legs of my clit as I build my arousal, and the four little metal balls on the tip offer the intensely-focused vibrations that take me over the top when I’m ready. Best of all, you can put it into a condom, knot the condom’s open end, and suddenly this feisty little toy becomes waterproof. A Pocket Rocket is not particularly pretty, but I didn’t buy it to look at it.

From opening day onward, we at A Woman’s Touch have happily sold hundreds of these little firecrackers in our store. Women would come back with grins on their faces, thanking us for introducing them to this wonderful, portable plaything. They liked it because they could use it during intercourse as well as solo playtime, and many couples came back raving about how much fun they were having.

Then one day I called to order a couple dozen, and Dan, one of the owners of the distribution company, told me I could no longer order Pocket Rockets from him. A large adult novelty manufacturer and distributor (who shall remain nameless) bought the exclusive distribution rights to the Mini-Massager out from under Dan, and I’d have to buy it from them or no one. This meant I’d have to pay more for Pocket Rockets, and so would my customers.

I never like it when big companies flex their muscle and crowd us littler folk out. I started looking for a Pocket Rocket substitute, hoping something would be available that would make my customers, and me, happy.

This became quite personal when my Penelope (my own Pocket Rocket) finally died, and I went on a quest to replace her. While I like lots of different toys, I do have my favorites. I ordered and tested more than a dozen new vibrators, with some success, but nothing like what I enjoyed with Penelope. I found some great throbbing vibes out there, but they were made poorly, and only lasted for 15 or 20 hours of use. I suppose I shouldn’t complain about paying a dollar an hour for my pleasure, but I had grown accustomed to stretching my money further.

Then Shay, the other owner of the distribution company, called to tell me she and Dan had arranged for a new, improved Pocket Rocket to be manufactured. Dan and Shay sent me a sample of the new vibrator, which is called Water Dancer. I went home with a gleam in my eye, and a while later declared it to be much fun. It is more powerful than the original Pocket Rocket, yet maintains the throbby vibration I enjoy so much. There is a little gasket where the two outer parts connect, making the Water Dancer quieter. It also keeps water out of the battery compartment. The Water Dancer is just that.

The original Pocket Rocket has a spiky little cap on it that is ostensibly for scalp stimulation. But ultimately I found it uncomfortable to use anywhere on the body. I like the smooth cap that has been added to the Water Dancer. The smooth cap fits well enough that you can use the vibrator without fear of it coming off, even when using the vibrator inside the opening of the vagina. Removing the cap allows for stimulation by the more intensely focused vibrations in the tip of the Water Dancer.

I’ve gotten much more than 20 hours of pleasure from my Water Dancer (who seems to need no name other than the one with which she was born) and she’s going strong. I’m not sure the little waterproofing gasket will hold up as long as the vibrator. Our first store demonstrator model’s gasket broke about a month after it went out on the shelf. Of course, it got turned on and off dozens of times every day, which is more extreme use than the average home vibrator would enjoy. I’ve used her in the water without her getting any water or other juices inside the battery compartment, and it’s nice to add some buzz to my bath or shower.

I’m back to being orgasmically fulfilled, and so are my customers. Plus, my little rebellious heart enjoys the fact that another David won over a Goliath, and produced a better product to boot. The new Water Dancer is stronger than the original, well-made and waterproof. It comes in two colors, a pretty deep blue or a minty green. And it’s reasonably priced, retailing between $22 and $25.

Three cheers for the littler folk.

Ellen Barnard is one of the owners of A Woman's Touch sexuality shop in Madison, WI.

Water Dancer is available directly through A Woman's Touch.