Three in Love

If longevity is the proof and ménages à trois is the pudding, then Three in Love is an appropriate recipe for this classically suspect concoction. Claiming that their own 16-year relationship is as valid an arrangement as marriage, the authors offer their defense with a mild dose of psychology amidst examples of famous threesomes--the more familiar (Lord Nelson and the Hamiltons, June & Henry Miller and Anaïs Nin) as well as some surprises.

From the Publisher

Millions fantasize about one of the most taboo of alternative lifestyles. Some live the fantasy for a night. Few, but perhaps more than you would think, live the everyday life of the menage a trois. The story is as old as Adam and Eve and the Serpent, and as new as Jack Kerouac and Neal and Carolyn Cassady, or the latest TV sitcom. Now a real-life partnership of three reveals the secret history and the surprising reality of one of the most controversial and misunderstood of lifestyles in Three in Love: Menages A Trois From Ancient To Modern Times. Written and compiled by a talented threesome of writers who have been involved in a three way relationship that has spanned twelve years, Barbara Foster, Michael Foster, and Letha Hadady have created a ground breaking comprehensive look at the Menages of today and throughout the centuries. Drawing on sources as diverse as history, movies, opera and myth -- not to mention informed gossip -- they guide us through the sexual history and character of the world that we've always wondered about, and guessed at from the safe distance of our conventional relationships. The authors hold that menage a trois, a relationship with two significant others, is as true a form of family as monogamy. The menage can escape the negative love triangles that breed blame, alienation and jealousy. Our relationship forces us to be "honest, up-front, and loving," they say. This is a lifestyle that begins with Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar and runs through Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the Baroness de Warens, and Claude Anet. From Genesis to a remarkable number of power threesomes in modern times, Three in Love illustrates how menages a trois coincides with and inspires crucial movements in politics and the arts. Until now this love style has remained shrouded in secrecy -- a last taboo and ultimate fantasy for both men and women. Three in Love is dedicated to "lovers everywhere, whether alone, by twos, threes, or more." Finally a book that will replace a box of chocolates or a murder mystery at bedtime. Join Roseanne, JFK, Greta Garbo, Victor Hugo, Anais Nin, David Bowie, Freud, Picasso, and Cassanova in a look at their thirds in love.

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Three in Love by Barbara Foster, Letha Hadady and Michael Foster ( 2000, ISBN: 0595008070), $25.95, 484 pages, softback.

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