Libido: Reviews: Nipple Toys
Invite Your Nipples Out to Play (Part 2)

By Ellen Barnard,
Co-proprietor of
A Woman’s Touch

So your nipples like to play a little rough. . .

Sometimes my nipples are shy: a little squeeze, a slight flick of the finger or tongue, or the gentle snugging of nipple jewelry is plenty. Other times...well, let's just say that I am amazed at the intensity of sensation my nipples can crave. Luckily, the makers of adult toys have come up with lots of ways to tease, and sometimes torture, my nipples' nerve endings.

A basic, and quite versatile, toy is something I call the "tweezer-style" nipple clamps. Each tweezer-shaped end has a sliding mechanism that tightens the end to the desired pinch. These can be used directly on, or behind, the nipple for fairly light clamping, or for a very strong pinch that cuts off the blood flow. When you remove a clamp set on the most intense pressure, you get a rush of sensation as the blood flows back into the nipple -- a combination of pain and pleasure that usually sets me to squealing (and not in a bad way). As with any device that cuts off the circulation, it's wise not to use it for more than 10 minutes -- you don't want any dead body parts left over after you play. These clamps have a chain to connect the 2 nipples, so you can pulll on both at once. I like to hold the chain in my teeth and tug, while the rest of me is enjoying other pleasures. Or get the 3-way clamp (either with a cock ring or a 3rd tweezer for labial/ clitoral squeezing) and do it all yourself.

When I want something a bit different, I try the "screw-adjust" styles. I like 2 of them -- one has a very wide pad for the nipple, the other a narrower pad with a heavier end. The idea behind both of these is that you set the pressure, then you can slowly loosen the screw so the clamp gets tighter as you get more excited. Each produces a different sensation - the wider pad is not so "sharp" as the narrower pad. The weight of the narrow pad adds to the intensity. Those with small nipples prefer the narrow pad version of these.

Wanna up the ante? Add weights -- available in 2, 4 & 6 ounce increments, weights that are allowed to swing with movement increase your sensual awareness further. Or try vibrating clamps, and turn the vibrator up and down repeatedly. I've found that vibration will numb my nipples unless I vary it -- but when I play with the controls (or turn them over to someone else). . . then I start seeing stars.

The most intense clamps I've ever explored are the "clover" clamps. Designed to be tight, and get tighter when you pull on the chain, these are definitely for the pain/pleasure aficionado. Simply designed, they do the trick.

Someday I'll get to explore more of the many nipple playthings out there. . . so many toys, so little time!

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