Libido: Reviews: Nipple Toys
Invite Your Nipples Out to Play

By Ellen Barnard,
Co-proprietor of
A Woman’s Touch

I love nipples. They respond to all kinds of stimuli, and every one is different. This month I want to talk about inviting them out to play.

Of course, some brave souls who are really into nipple sensation and decoration pierce their nipples and I say good for them. But for people like me -- people who don’t want to pierce -- but who do want nipple decoration and sensation there is now a remarkable array of toys for nipples -- yours or someone else’s. These range from strictly decorative, to intensely interactive.

Here’s a sampling of what I find most fun:

Whatever your nipples like, and regardless of shape and size, Titattoos ($4.50/pair) allow you to highlight and celebrate your nipples -- without the pain of actually tattooing them.

Titattoos are temporary tattoos shaped to fit around each nipple. I love how they allow you to catch your lover’s attention by being outrageous -- temporarily.

I can faithfully report that Titattoos have started weekend-long nipple worship in several of my customers. I know one man who really wanted his lover to play with his nipples more, so he wore the tattoos as a hint. Apparently it worked!

In terms of jewelry, there are many possibilities. And what we have found is that some of them work well, and some fall off most nipples I know.

As we began to research nipple jewelry for the store, one important thing we found out is that most nipple jewelry is not made from high quality metals, and that it can cause allergic reactions. Not a place to have unhappy skin!

A solution we came up with was to come up with our own nipple jewelry. We developed Nipple Teasers© out of solid sterling silver ($18) or gold ($22), added beads and chain. And since nipples come in all sizes, Nipple Teasers have different size nipple ends.

Now we have customers telling us tales of dancing around their sweethearts dressed only in a set of Teasers and some crotchless undies! And when you tug on the chain, you get some nice mild nipple play during sex, making them arousing and pretty for both of you.

Moving up a rung in both intensity and price are Nipple Cuffs (ranging from $35 for brass to $65 for gold).

Beautifully constructed by a husband-and-wife team, Nipple Cuffs have a slide-bar that clamps them onto nipples snugly. Lots of women I know like these because they can wear them under a slinky dress to create permanently erect nipples. Their partners (and potential partners) seem to enjoy this feature as well.

A friend of mine got a set to wear behind his (pierced) nipple rings, adding more sensation to his already titillated nippies. Then he attached a chain to them so his partner could tug on them during their sex play. The final result was his best personal fireworks ever.

Suction always has been a popular way to play with nerve endings. Snake-bite kits have made an appearance in sex play as nipple suckers for a long time. Taking advantage of the design, some clever folks improved on it to create suckers that stay on the nipples more firmly, and are then attached together by a chain.

The result is some pretty intense sucking and pulling/tugging sensations. And when you remove the Clear Suckerfish ($25/pair for sucklers, as we call them), your nipples are engorged and highly sensitive.

Lately the manufacturers have gone one step further, developing larger, bell-shaped sucklers ($26/pair for Libertitty Bells) that provide strong suction over a wider breast area. One friend of mine raved about how it felt like her breasts were being sucked into a very large, strong mouth, a sensation she loves. Remove these after 10-15 minutes, and the breasts and nipples are swollen and quite sensitive.

Next month I'll talk about more "traditional" nipple clamps and devices, from mild to "omigod." Until then, keep your nipples smiling!

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