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Popping Up All Over: Amateur Gay Video

By James Withers

After watching America’s Funniest Home Videos, it is easy to wish for a ban of video cameras. How many times can we watch Grandmama getting down to Kool and the Gang? However, in the world of gay porn, video cameras have added some hot spice to a rather bland world. The big-time gay porn companies (Falcon, All Worlds, Bel-Ami) produce products that are predictably safe. No body hair, no blemishes, and everyone perfectly chiseled. Not a bad start, but in all of this flawlessness there is no passion, the sex is at best rote, and the performers look like they would rather be getting their teeth cleaned.

The video camera, in the hands of gentlemen who are randy and in the mood to make a little money, has produced an amazing array of amateur porn, porn that is not done by the numbers, and puts the sex back in homosexuality. This porn is worth your time, even if you are a breeder, because the people in front, and behind the camera, are definitely into what they are doing.

Today, there are multiple amateur gay porn videos floating around on the web. ( is a good place to find out what is out there.) and if your best friends are honest they have a tape of their week-end in New Orleans; however, the Kiser Boys, Aaron Lawrence, and Vidkid Timo are shining examples of what gay amateur porno is all about.

Michael and Brian are the Kiser Boys ( They are cousins and lovers (Go to their site and let them tell you their story.), live in the outback of Virginia, and make videos of themselves and any friends who happen to drop by. They have numerous videos of their coupling and their friends coupling, but a good place to start is a video called 2 Boys and Their Toys (95 minutes, $35). Brian is on a couch reading a magazine, when Michael walks in, in his overalls, with a raging hard-on. Brian loses interest in the magazine, and they start in on each other. They start on the couch and then move to a bed. There is much kissing (Ah, romance!) fondling, and versatility. In other words, the Kiser boys dispense with the tired top/bottom cliche. They take care of each other, and give their toy, a lucky little dildo, a work out. Did I mention that you will not find a more delectable couple on tape?

Aaron Lawrence ( is the hardest working man around. A porn star of note (He was nominated for his role in the video The Dream Team.), Aaron is a writer, his escort experiences are chronicled in Suburban Hustler, an escort, and an amateur video director. One of Aaron’s recent videos is aptly named Aaron’s Casting Couch ($30).

The video consists of Aaron having sex with various gentlemen, all young and attractive. Each scene starts with Aaron "interviewing" each guy (pay attention to Sean!), and then they have sex. The video ends with a big orgy that was so hot the cameraman got into the act. Aaron understands there is an audience watching his tape, so every now and then he looks into the camera to give some commentary. ("This is going to be hot.") But what makes Aaron even hotter, aside from the fact that he is as is as cute as he can be, is his sexy moan when his booty is being taken care of.

Vidkid Timo ( lives and works in New Orleans. He has made some mainstream porn of note (Mardi Gras Cowboy), but his amateur work, known as the Pueris Collection, is what people keep returning to.

Pueris Collection # 25 is called Storm Surge (68 minutes $32), and stars an up-and-coming porn star called Sean Storm ( The video follows Sean as he works his way though a New Orleans Mardi Gras. In the first scene, Sean does a private dance for a rather strapping gentleman named Chris Harding. The private dance moves inside and while a Mardi Gras parade goes by, Sean and Chris go at it like bunnies. No canned moans here. All you here is the fervent sound of flesh against flesh. Another scene to pay a attention to is Vidkid Timo as he works on the member of Alec Tucker.

Aside from being a director who gets reviewed in the New York Times, Vidkid is an experimental filmmaker, he is a virtuoso at fellatio. Vidkid gives Tucker a video camera to record the proceedings, and it shakes the whole time!

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