Flesh Tones:
A Novel

Did Genny Haviland poison Slade Gabriel to save her adored father's art gallery or did she help the acclaimed artist kill himself before Alzheimer's disease destroyed his mind and talent? Although billed as a courtroom drama, there's not a great deal of suspense here, but that may not matter to readers who prefer their mysteries with a romantic subplot. In this engrossing, erotic novel, the affair that begins when 17-year-old Genny meets and falls in love with the married, much older Gabriel, and then spans two decades is more than a subplot--it's the whole thing. While the outcome of Genny's murder trial is hardly in doubt, it's a good frame for a nicely told story of love, art, and obsession. --Jane Adams

Book Description
In such erotic thrillers as In Fidelity and Lip Service, acclaimed author M. J. Rose took readers to the darkest edges of desire. Now, in her most riveting novel yet, she leads us across the fine line separating passion and obsession, mercy and murder.

In a New York courtroom, a woman stands accused of a controversial crime. Genny Haviland, thirty-eight, is said to have drugged and suffocated legendary painter George Gabriel. For two decades the tempestuous Gabriel has challenged audiences with his wild work. And in the end, the prosecution claims, he alienated the woman he first seduced, then enslaved—enough to cause his own death at her hands.

Yet in Genny’s mind there rests another story, one that started twenty years before . . . one in which a college girl on summer break met an older, attractive artist—and began a forbidden affair she would never forget, a shadowy, sensual union in which she was more helpless and more powerful than she would ever imagine. Then the discovery of a shocking secret blew it all apart: Genny’s father was Jonathan Haviland, the renowned gallery owner who could make or break Gabriel’s career.

Now Genny contends she was only easing her old lover to a painless death, allowing him to escape the awful illness that was slowly eroding his sanity and self. But is that the whole truth? Or was Gabriel indeed killed--but for far more sordid reasons, from a motive driven by scandal and the threat of financial ruin? How much would Genny do for the man she professed to love, or for the father who has always loomed darkly in the background of her life?

Peopled with complex and fascinating characters, and capturing the essence of two different and decadent decades, here is the most impressive achievement of an up-and-coming author. In this irresistible novel, M. J. Rose creates a world where love doesn’t last and fame is fleeting . . . but desire never ends.

About the Author
M. J. Rose is the author of Lip Service and In Fidelity.
She lives in Greenwich, Connecticut.

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Flesh Tones: A Novel by M.J. Rose (Balantine Books, 2002. ISBN: 0-345-45104-X. 304 pages, hardcover, $21.95)

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