Fit For Sex

Book Description
A unique guide for men covering all the requirements -- physical, mental, and emotional -- for consistent sexual prowess and satisfying intimacy. Any man who thinks with his brain knows that sex happens between people, not just bodies -- and that truly great sex demands both an emotional and physical investment and the right attitude. At last there's a sexual fitness guide for every man, whether single or married, in his twenties or in his fifties, who wants the best from each sexual experience -- body, mind, heart, and soul. Written with a winning blend of frankness, sensitivity, and humor, this fact-packed resource covers every conceivable subject that impacts male sexuality.

Arranged in a browsable, A-to-Z format, topics instructing men to be ready how to be "on-call" ready include: aphrodisiacs, body language, contraception, desire, foreplay, impotence, fertility, kissing, massage, myths about sex, prostrate health, STDs, tenderness, and the benefits of yoga. Guided by self-tests, checklists, and illustrations, men will learn how to overcome anxiety and limiting beliefs; boost sexual stamina through exercise; discover foods and herbs to nourish sexuality; rekindle erotic fires with fantasy; give -- and get -- increasingly intense orgasms... and much more.

Comprehensive, accessible, and empowering, Fit For Sex is every man's ultimate guide to total sexual health, well-being, and self-confidence.

About the Author
John Knutila is a freelance writer specializing in health and men's issues whose articles have appeared in newspapers, magazines, and journals across the country. He lives in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

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Fit for Sex by John Knutila (Reward Books 1999, ISBN: 0-7352-0067-X), $15.00, 283 pages.

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