Seduced by a sex toy

By Ellen Barnard
Co-owner of A Woman’s Touch
Madison, Wisc.

I resisted her for years; too expensive, seems like a gimmick, and anyway, what's Dr. Ruth doing on the box? Finally, I felt compelled to see what the fuss was all about. After all, my job is to test sex toys. So I went ahead and purchased an Eroscillator 1.

At first glance it was...hmm...interesting. It's very quiet, with a long cord that could reach across the room. I found it aesthetically pleasing, with a nice hand feel and easy-to-use speed controller. When I started using it, it was kind of a puzzle. If I weren't careful, I'd get a bit numb in all the wrong places. Moving it around resolved that dilemma, plus I found that playing with different attachments (it comes with four) varied the sensation dramatically. The strangest thing was that, unlike all the other vibes I've used, the vibrations become milder when I press it harder against my skin. So I can start out firmly pressing it against me, and vary the intensity just by lightening it up.

Sounds like a lot of work, and it is. However, the first orgasm I had with it convinced me that this was a toy worth getting to know better. I've had many orgasms in my life, some mindblowing, others rather ho-hum. The orgasms I have using the Eroscillator 1 are among the most intense that I've ever known. The oscillations bring so much blood into my labia and clitoris that my lover tells me they literally turn purple, and the contractions I experience are felt deep inside, even when I'm not being penetrated at the same time.

It took a while to learn to use the Eroscillator 1 to its full potential. Now it might help me get really aroused, then I'll play with some other toys or my sweetie, and bring it back for a walloping finish. Or I'll enjoy a nice average orgasm with one of my other favorite toys, then slowly bring myself back up for an earth-shaking second coming. One day my sweetie teased me for a good half-hour, a little of this, a little of that, then held the Eroscillator to my sweetest spot. I almost hit the ceiling with the energy of my orgasm.

I'm smitten. I know there are people who look at it and say " I could just use my electric toothbrush - it would be a lot cheaper." It's really not anything like my electric toothbrush, and it really is worth the money. One note: my preferred toy is the Eroscillator 1 (or Classic, not the newer version. The newer one doesn't fit as well in my hand, and comes with only two attachments, which are made of hard plastic.

I guess Dr. Ruth was right. Now...I wonder how I can get a Sybian to test?

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The Eroscillator is available at finer women’s specialty stores and mail order shops, including A Woman’s Touch, and costs about $110.