Doing It:
Real People Having Really Good Sex

By Isadora Alman

Book Description
Doing It is a collection of carefully selected postings together with salient advice from famed sexologist Isadora Alman's Web site rubric "The Sexuality Forum," where readers of her advice column express their thoughts, experiences, stories, and suggestions on all topics sexual. Organized by the natural progression of relationships and inclusive of all gender preferences, areas discussed include the singles scene, dating, intercourse, voyeurism, lubricants, libido, STDs, and creative sexual positions. The contributions are candid and open, and detailed treatments of the major issues around sex are accompanied by Alman's own elaborations on the topics.

From the cover
With topics ranging from dating to coupling, solo sex to lovemaking, oral sex to anal sex, and sex toys to varieties of sex play, Doing It offers a remarkable variety of sexy suggestions. "You will not be reading in this book the voice of one sex expert with whom you can agree or not or whose life experience you may or may not share," says author Isadora ALman. "Instead, men and women of all ages and persuasions let you in on what they think are the important details about sexual happiness."

Drawing on discussions from Alman's popular Web site and from written responses to her column, "Ask Isadora," Doing It offers thoughts, experiences, stories, and advice on all topics sexual.

Doing It: Real People Having Really Good Sex by Isadora Alman (Conari Press, 2001, ISBN 1-57324-520-8. 280 pages, softcover. $15.95)

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