Dirty Words

Among the best-written and most original of gay erotica collections in the past five years, M. Christian's twisted exploration of queer lust is full of filthy surprises. No wonder that the introduction is by Patrick Califia-Rice, that connoisseur of minority taste and shredded taboos. In "Echoes," a young man finds that despite their apparent differences, all of his tricks end up reminding him of his true love, Red, whom he killed and buried in the wilderness. In "Blue Boy," a jaded aesthete wanders through a city in which a specially-bred underclass, known as "Blues" for their blue skin, serve as willing murder victims for a populace that, like the Romans, demands that its blood lust be satisfied on a daily basis. Yes, there's plenty of violence here, but the brief, happy tale of dog-and-master love, "Puppy," wins the laurel for goofy perversion. A brainy supplement to more standard fare that passes for erotica.

From the Publisher

In the words of Cecilia Tan, the author of Black Feathers, "M. Christian's fiction has a sexy logic all its own. "He's inventive, and he's irreverent. His language can seduce, surprise, and then body-slam you." In this new book, the editor of Guilty Pleasures and Rough Stuff presents a wide-ranging collection of stories about sex and sexuality, some funny, some frightening, and some amazing; stories that take you on voyages to places as familiar as the house next door and as horrifying as your wildest nightmare, with companions as recognizable as your own reflection and as unimaginable as your darkest fear. Dirty Words is an exploration of both the beautiful and the disturbing landscapes of desire, which will excite and challenge you, both as a reader and an erotic explorer.

About the Author

M. Christian is the editor of Eros Ex Machina, Midsummer Night's Dreams, Guilty Pleasures, and (with Simon Sheppard) Rough Stuff. His work can be seen in Best American Erotica, Best Gay Erotica, Friction, The Mammoth Books of Erotica, Libido and more than 100 other books and magazines.

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Dirty Words by M. Christian (Alyson Publications, Los Angeles, 2001, ISBN: 1-55583-563-5), $14.95, 224 pages, softback.

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