Libido: Reviews: A Devil's Tail
A Devil's Tail

By John Champion

The last installment in Simon Wolf's ambitious trilogy (see also our review of A Wolf's Tail), A Devil's Tail raises the stakes by introducing Satan to do battle with author/heroine Jennifer. The Devil in this case is "Sebastian" played by Steven St. Croix while Asia Carrera returns as Jennifer.

As a frustrated writer, Jennifer weaves sex scenes into her books to appease her agent, Charles (Joel Lawrence) and a powerful publisher played by Nicole Sheridan. While Jennifer's writing ability is left in question, it does serve to kick off the first sex scene featuring Ava Vincent. Vincent plays an imaginary damsel in distress who rewards her hero well... predictably, but it's still a fun scene if only because she is so classically beautiful.

Other highlights include Nicole Sheridan's decadent threeway with her two man-servants whom she keeps around her mansion to service her and also apparently serve her from a well-stocked cheese tray. She plays the rich "power bitch" well, taking over the scene with her voraciousness. Later, Kylie Ireland is "coached" by Charles on how to add sex scenes to her novel. Ireland looks luscious with her red hair and retro clothes. In her maturity, she's a great antidote to the pre-packaged porn clones churned out in most movies.

Also making an appearance is veteran performer Randy Spears as a sort of present/temptation to Jennifer. Not such a bad prize. This is the sort of movie in which the bad guys use their power for creating sexual situations, but then, so do the good guys. Not too bad, whichever side you're on. George Kaplan, doing his best Sean Connery voice, returns as the old wizard "James." (Inicidentally, "George Kaplan" is a non-existent character from a Hollywood classic. Any guesses?)

There's a very good effort here to create an engaging story, and even if the sex scenes don't always effortlessly fall into the narrative, the characters remain consistent and "in character" for their intimate scenes. The Devil tempts Jennifer, and the story's climax marks a return of the wolf which represents her inner strength. In any case, it's an excuse for celebratory sex when Jennifer rescues Charles.

Like the other titles in this series, Simon Wolf has loaded up this DVD with bonuses galore and tremendous production value. There are a behind-the-scenes documentary and blooper reel, extensive video interviews with the major stars and director Bud Lee, trilogy previews, trailers, bonus scenes and director's cut scenes. The navigation graphics are stylish and slick if a little long while waiting for each page to load before you can make choices.

While A Devil's Tail isn't that far off from other typical California-based adult fare, the care, effort and detail afforded this production do make it a step above. The DVD production values are all in place and should be an example to other producers who make "special editions." And finally, you've got Asia Carrera who just rocks. If you don't believe me, check out her site where she reveals all her "porn queen" makeup secrets.

A Devil's Tail can be ordered directly from Adam & Eve for $29.95.