Libido: Reviews: Cyberskin/Cyberpump

By Ellen Barnard

“Isn’t there anything new in toyland?"

“Isn’t there something fun that doesn’t look like a fake vagina?”

“I want a dildo that looks and feels real. Where can I get one?”

Most of the time I have to answer these questions with “not really,” “no” and “sorry.” The sex toy industry mostly creates new toys with the same old shapes and features. Yes, there is a new vibrator shaped like a gun (something I’ve always wanted to stick in my pussy — not), a rubber vagina with a vibrator in it that is molded on (name your favorite female porn star), and yet another dildo that looks like a porn star’s cock, but feels like a lifeless hunk of rubber. Sometimes the toys look really real; I once identified a porn star in a video saying “gee, that looks just like the Peter North dildo that I just ordered for someone.” They are rarely effective toys that make sex more pleasurable.

Then in 1999 Topco brought out a new product. Cyberskin, they called it. I was skeptical, as usual. My favorite sales rep, Frances, sent me samples. Oh my, it really was different. The dildo looks eerily real; Dr. Myrtle says she could teach med students how to perform a testicular exam on one. We gave one to the high school health teachers so that they would have a realistic penis for their condom demonstrations. They come in chocolate and vanilla, so your reality can be consistent with your fantasy preference.

Reactions to the “Cyber Cock” have ranged from “I feel like Lorena Bobbit” to “I gotta have one!” Unlike cold, hard rubber, these cocks feel silky soft, firm without being too hard, and pleasantly room-temperature to the touch. One product-tester took the vibrating cock home (we named the vibrating one Peter, and the buzz-less one Richard) and reported that it reminded her of one of her previous partners in all the right ways. Women who prefer their dildos to look like real penises have embraced Richard and Peter enthusiastically. Sadly, the cyberskin doesn’t hold up well to vigorous use in a harness; the material tears too easily. But for hand-held use it’s delightful.

Ok, fine, so now there was a nice new toy for girls, or boys who enjoy butt play. But what about those guys who want something fun for self-pleasure, and don’t want to be fucking a fake vagina or anus? Happily, the Cyclone Force Cyberpump (or Cyberpump for short) has arrived on the scene. We got several samples, and gave them to our product-testers. The next day, one thanked me effusively, wanting to know how he could re-pay me. Hmmm, I’d have to think about that!

While the full text of the reviews is on our web site, ( here is some of what they wrote:

“The Cyberpump is a gem! It’s great for self-pleasuring, partner play, and it’s an interesting conversation piece. After experimenting with many similar devices (someone has to do this painstaking research), I have found that the Cyberpump is comparable in feel and sensation to much more expensive, automated pleasuring devices. Where was Cyberskin when I was a teenager?!?

“Tuck your penis snugly inside the sleeve and start pumping. You will immediately feel the gentle, yet firm pressure pulling your penis to greater heights. You can vary the pressure by squeezing and releasing the bulb. The inside of the “skin” tube is lined with small knobs that genuinely add to the pleasure of this toy. The cyberskin feels marvelous, and to top it off, you can come right in the tube.”

“It was visually stimulating to see my penis expand in the tube, and the suction made for a fuller erection. The suction made for a snug fit when manually stroking my penis — a bit like very tight intercourse. Although the vibrator doesn’t facilitate any vibration in the cyberskin sleeve, it is perfectly positioned for stimulating the testicles, as well as the space between the testicles and the anus.

“The sleeve can also be used without the suction tube for manual stroking. I used a lubricant, and found that this was remarkably like the best oral sex I’ve ever received (I may never masturbate the same way again).”


Since Topco brought these products out there have been a lot of similar items appearing on the market. We still like the texture and look of the Topco line the best. Prices are reasonable ($40-$45 for the dildo, $55-$60 for the vibrating dildo, and $60-$75 for the Cyberpump), and the design is excellent. I know there are more toys in the works, and can’t wait to try them.

Hey, now I can answer those questions with “yes,” “you bet”, and “you’re in luck.” Nice.

Ellen Barnard is one of the owners of A Woman's Touch sexuality shop in Madison, WI.