Celtic Sex Magic:
For Couples, Groups & Solitary Practitioners

Book Description
The first written account by a contemporary Welsh initiate of the ancient tradition of sex magic as practiced by generations of Celtic druids.

  • Reveals authentic, accurate, and fully illustrated instructions.
  • Provides detailed instructions for crafting, purifying, and energizing all the necessary ritual tools.

Sex magic is an important component of Celtic spiritual practice. Unlike other ritual practices that look to intermediaries or deities to execute the participants' wishes, druids believe that individuals can directly influence exterior reality by focusing their own internal sexual energy. Sex magic potentizes and projects this energy so that it reaches its full power, allowing the participants to liberate their consciousness from everyday awareness and influence reality at will.

Written by a practicing druid with more than forty years in the tradition, Celtic Sex Magic explains the fundamental principles involved in channeling the vast amounts of energy generated during orgasm for the purpose of projecting spells and elevating consciousness. The secrets of this tradition have been passed down orally for generations and are revealed here in print for the first time. This workbook contains authentic, accurate, and fully illustrated instructions for a wide range of sex magic rituals that may be used by couples, groups, and solitary practitioners. The author also provides detailed instructions for crafting the necessary ritual tools and brewing the potions used in these rituals. Celtic Sex Magic offers the keys to unlocking and directing the enormous potential of sexual energy.

About the Author
Jon G. Hughes is part of a lineage of druids that has been practicing for generations in a remote area of Wales. He is now teaching the tradition at his home in western Ireland and gives workshops and seminars throughout Europe. He is the director of the Irish Center for Druidic Practices.

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Celtic Sex Magic: For Couples, Groups & Solitary Practitioners by John G. Hughes (Destiny Books, 2001. ISBN: 089281908-1. 230 pages, softcover, $25.00)

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