Any 2 People Kissing

Book Description
Kate Dominic takes us for a wild sex ride as she plays--and bounces off-–the Kinsey Scale in her first collection of erotic tales. Filled with seductive massage, fetish fashion, leather lust, and more, these tales twist and turn, tickling and enticing the queer, in-between, unsure, and straight libido with passion and wit.

Imagine a wife's excitement when she uncovers her husband's secret fantasies and surprises him by delightfully satisfying his desires. Enter a new world of sexual exploration with a gay male leather top who turns the tables on himself and his fellow top when he becomes a bottom for the night. Get into the Valentine's spirit with the tale of a naughty cupid who gets a little punishment instead of love's rewards.

This diverse collection from an author who explores all sexual worlds will arouse and please long after the pages are well worn.

From the Publisher
Kate Dominic is a former aerospace industry technical writer and editor from Southern California. Her stories have appeared in several erotic anthologies including Herotica 6, Sex Toy Tales, Best Gay Erotica 2000, Hard At Work, The Young And The Hung, and Rough And Ready. Dominic's erotic fiction has also appeared in other seductive reads such as Libido and Penthouse Variations. She is the section leader for Alternative Eros, the kink section in CompuServe's Erotica forum.

About the Author
A graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Kate Dominic is a former aerospace editor and technical writer. Her erotic stories have appeared in both lesbian and gay anthologies. This is her first collection of her own stories.

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Any 2 People Kissing By Kate Dominic
(Down There Press, 2003, ISBN: 0-940208-28-8) 208 pages, softcover $12.50