Ageless Desire

By Ellen Barnard
Co-owner of A Woman’s Touch
Madison, Wisc.

Most adult films are full of young, beautiful people. Buffed bods bump and grind to hokey music, with emotionless formulaic sex scenes. Rarely is there anyone over the age of 30, or men without raging hard erections. The women don't have orgasms, and the men come once, all over the face of some woman or another.

Finally, there's something different out there. Adult film star/sex educator Juliet Anderson (aka Aunt Peg) has brought us a truly unique adult video. Ageless Desire introduces us to three different couples who are all in their 60s, and who enjoy a tremendous sex life. These are all real people, with real bodies, who show us the way that sex happens in their lives. It left me feeling warm, sweet, and very aroused.

The first scene shows us Juliet and her partner enjoying a striptease (he strips for her), a great orgasm for her, and lots of fun play between the 2 of them. He never has an erection, and that doesn't get in their way at all. These two really like each other, in fact they tell each other "I love you" at the end - a rare occurrence in any explicit feature.

Couple number 2 enjoys a great morning wake-up romp, with lots and lots of orgasms for both. The man in the couple has multiple orgasms, without a full erection. They enjoy intercourse with a soft erection, and lots of varied stimulation that was as fun to watch as it must have been to experience.

The 3rd couple employs a unique strategy for avoiding boredom and distractions. The woman seduces her partner away from his remote control, and they proceed to have rowdy sex in all kinds of positions. Like all the couples, they talk to each other throughout the scene, each asking what the other wants and how, and both of them having noisy, wonderful orgasms.

I've never seen anything like this video. It's a celebration of sexual passion and love with wonderful emotional connections that shine through. The production is decent - we get to hear real sounds, and though it is clearly done on video, it is well-shot. It's labeled as sexual education, but it's as erotic as any adult film I've seen, and more than most.

Directed by: Juliet Anderson 55 minutes
(You can order Ageless Desire for $29.95 or reach Ellen Barnard via her website:
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