At Your Fingertips

By Jack Hafferkamp

One of the major goals at our office is to make LIBIDO an information source and conduit. We take pleasure in telling you about people, places and things that bring positive energy to the sexual realm. Lately three catalogues have arrived on our doorstep that we think LIBIDO readers should know about.

The "Extra Curious" catalog is a charming outgrowth of personal growth, the pet project of two Southern California women. As Lori and Nicole recount in the introduction to their small, carefully chosen array of toys and supplementary items (lube, feathers, condoms, body paints, harnesses, etc.), "We founded Extra Curious in response to our own growing curiosities and desires to explore and play without the shadows of guilt or other negative associations hanging over us. We felt that like-minded women around the world could benefit from our discoveries…"

Their attractive catalog nicely represents that sense of sharing. It’s small, distinctively designed and nicely printed. The contents are all high quality and fairly priced. At bottom the Extra Curious catalogue’s mission is near and dear to our own at LIBIDO: "to encourage women to take the development of their multi-faceted sexuality and the cultivation of their own natural desires into their own hands and on their own terms.

For a copy of the catalog write to or phone: 866-663-7353. Tell ‘em you heard about the catalog at LIBIDO. Web:

The Erotic Print Society’s Winter Catalogue 2002-2003 ("Sex for Grown-Ups") is a polished little gem, highlighting the British outfit’s spectacular line of high quality, often genuinely kinky, photo and art books, plus extra little surprises.

As with the women from Extra Curious, one gets the clear impression that the EPS staff knows – and enjoys – whereof it speaks. Prominently featured are photo books by such recognizable artists as Trevor Watson, China Watson and Gunter Blum and sketchbooks by artists mostly unknown in the US, but who deserve wider recognition. Of special interest are the EPS line of illustrated erotic classics (The Scarlet Library), its limited edition prints and its illustrated little books (e.g. The Illustrated book of Situational Sex and The Illustrated book of Oral Sex.)

For more information visit the EPS website: or send e-mail queries to

One of our favorite sources for obscure, esoteric and otherwise hard-to-find erotica from a variety of eras and a variety of predilections is The Private Case, located in an out-of-the-way corner (Royston Herts) of the U.K. Ever had a greatly erotic book that you lost, loaned (and never saw again) or lusted after at someone else’s place? This is a good place to go looking for it.

The case crew has just published its 7th, and most ambitious, catalog of available books. It conveniently facilitates finding what one wants by breaking possibilities into a variety of categories, for instance:

  • Women’s erotica
  • Vampire erotica
  • Classic erotica: 19th century: Man With a Maid, My Secret Life, The Diary of a Chambermaid, etc.
  • Literary erotica: Vox, The Anatomist, Story of the Eye, Delta of Venus, etc.
  • Sci-Fi erotica
  • Selected erotica: Susie Bright’s Best Of series, for example.
  • And a large, especially British, section called "Punishing erotica."

In future The Private Case will offer its titles in four broad categories, but for now this catalog is a great way to find copies of those great books that got away. For your own copy, you can write to The Private Case, P.O.B. 23, Royston, Herts SG8 8DT, UK. Or phone to the UK at 0871-871-0241