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Per Ver Sion: The Stuff that Other People Do

What is or is not a perversion depends almost entirely upon where you happen to be and when you happen to be there. Human behavior varies so much from time to time and place to place that almost everything considered perfectly normal in one has been described as the Devil's work in another. In fact, the German concept of einfuhlen goes so far as to suggest that the motives of a 16th Century Australian aborigine -- even if carefully explained -- would have been completely incomprehensible to a Renaissance Italian. An example closer to home might be the way the same therapists who once consider homosexuality a serious problem now see it as altogether unremarkable behavior. Even the man in the street has gone from loathing to gloating over oral sex in something less than a single generation.

A few years ago, I attended a panel discussion at a swinger's convention where the views of those who condemn any sex outside the married/missionary model were repeatedly ridiculed. A well-known adult film performer and producer was most irate. Why couldn't all those other people be as loving and accepting as she was? Why couldn't they understand that sex was normal and natural and altogether wholesome? Why couldn't they see that porn movies in no way caused men to prey on women? She was clearly sincere and the audience expressed unanimous approval. Sex was good and more was better -- period! It was at that point that I decided to test the resolve of this loving and accepting group. I stood up and said that I was planning to publish a Kiddy Porn magazine and just knew I could count on the support of all those present. After a moment or two of stunned silence, the gang of erstwhile free thinkers turned into a mob of vigilantes and proceeded to tear me (verbally, thank goodness) limb from limb. And, of course, it was the porn star who was once again most irate; something at which she was clearly experienced. Why couldn't I see that my magazine would cause men to prey on children?

Curiously, I still run into people who ask about my publishing efforts. While only a few are interested in a subscription they all seem to have missed the point entirely. There is no magazine, never was, never will be. All I was trying to say is that if even swingers and porn stars are outraged by what they consider outrageous sex, just imagine the chances of ever seeing the Lifestyle go Mainstream!

Now if you ever want to test your level of tolerance in the privacy of your home, I would suggest a copy of Brenda Love's Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices. It describes such weird things as ophidicism, harmatophilia, ecouteurism (which it says is similar to acousticophilia) and inunction along with providing insight into Tantric orgasms, head stands and fetishes.

And speaking of fetishes, I was fortunate enough to have been invited to the most recent Dressed to Thrill extravagance in Las Vegas. This was their seventh year and along with a gala Fetish Ball the weekend included an evening of Fetish Fashion Awards. While I can't say I would go out of my way to lick high (8") heeled boots while getting a whipping, Mistress Antoinette certainly makes the prospect inviting. She is the very erotic, very exotic founder and CEO of Versitale Fashions in Orange, CA. A fetish fashion designer and award winner herself, she offers a unique opportunity for even the straightest of straights to sample the bizarre beyond of leather, metal and rubber at her annual vendor's boutique. But if you can't wait until next year's Dressed to Thrill you can always request a catalogue of clothing and videos at

Danger -- Full Body Suit Required! So read the flyer for a recent Club Wide World ( Saturday night special event. The Fetish Fiesta was a party that even Mistress Antoinette would have been pleased to whip into shape. It asked the question: What is your fetish? And it gave lots and lots of possible answers. Feet and video cameras, handcuffs and feathers, cowboy costumes and grass skirts were included along with paddles, whipped cream, thigh high boots, vibrators, garter belts, white panties, seamed stockings and Victorian corsets. Now stop and think for a moment. Let's say you were tied to a bed and your eyes were covered. Suddenly someone enters the room. What would you most enjoy?

What would you most enjoy and would you be willing to admit it? Even here in the Land of the Free & Home of the Brave, there are still many sex acts that are considered perversions. Indeed, using a vibrator, engaging in oral sex and assuming a doggy style position can, in some states, get you into trouble with the law. Swinging itself, the enjoyment of recreational sex by consenting adults, is considered outrageous and perhaps even dangerous behavior by most Americans. So if what you would enjoy most is labeled a Perversion, just visit a different place or wait for another time...and you'll be sure to fit right in!

Contact Dr. Mason directly... especially if you're into ophidicism, harmatophilia, ecouteurism and acousticophilia.