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Have you heard the one about the research scientist who discovered that men who are encouraged to ogle women's breasts live longer than those who are discouraged from so much as sneaking a peek? It's a story making the rounds on the Internet but, alas, it isn't true. Just think for a moment -- how could one possibly design such an experiment? And Dr. Dean Edell at says the notion that guys like sex more than chicks is also a myth. Surveys show that although women tend to be choosier, "sexually realized" females have a more positive response to sex than their male counterparts. Ten minutes at a typical Swing club would suggest that the Doc is once again in the know.

A judge in FL threw out a case against Dennis Freeland of Trapeze II saying that cops who arrested 50 people in early '99 did not prove that lewdness, assignation or prostitution had occurred on site. In fact, the prosecution could find only one detective who was willing to swear, under oath, that the sexual activity he observed at the club offended him. It should be mentioned that more than twenty police officers took part in the sting operation. All in all, it looks like it was the taxpayers that, once again, wound up the big losers. Freeland said "Business is up…there's no such thing as bad publicity." He went on to suggest that Broward County Sheriff Ken Jenne and State Attorney Mike Satz might do better devoting their resources to "real crimes."

What's happening in the middle of the country you ask? Well, not much if you happen to live in either North or South Dakota where there are no known Swing clubs. What's with you guys? Maybe you drive down to the SpringField Social Club in Buffalo, MO. They are an off premise couples' club that meets to dance on the first Saturday of the month. Mixers and snacks are provided but remember to BYOB and also remember that you must call in advance to arrange for a short interview. The doors open at 6:30 and the dance gets under way at 8:00. They honor all other club cards and do their best to make first timers welcome. Isn't MO the "Show Me" state? Any couple passing through might just want to try asking.

Another club in the middle of the country is the MN Party Connection in Minneapolis, MN. While singles are not allowed at the previously mentioned SpringField Social Club, they are met with open arms at the MN Party Connection. This is a "classy" club for couples, single women and single men which in itself is quite unique. Their off premise parties are said to be jam packed with sexy folks looking to meet equally sexy partners. This marks their tenth year of operation and I should mention that a membership is required. MN Party Connection is a sister club of Club H which has been written up in this column on several occasions. The managers asked me to stress that this an absolutely no pressure environment.

It seems that conventions, Swing travel and weekend outings are becoming more and more popular. There's Visions in the east and Lifestyles in the west and now there are the Swing Fling campouts in the middle. These are sponsored by Club NCN in Madison, WI. This is an on premises Swing club for couples and select females only. Parties are held on the first, second and third Saturdays of each month. Snacks and mixers are available and there's plenty of free parking. The club has a spa, a social area and both private and group rooms. They are also planning a super New Year's Eve party and an Erotic Fest convention for the summer. But remember that you must call in advance and make a reservation in order to take part in any of these activities.

Gwen's Exchange in Benton, AR is an off premise club that meets the third Saturday of the month in the Little Rock area. The gatherings feature dancing, socializing, a live DJ, monthly themes and special events designed to get everyone up and mingling. The ages of the couples generally range between 25 and 50 and a busy night will see 150 in attendance. The club is keen to keep the group "non-exclusive." By that they mean there is a large selection of types and interests from which to select. That being the case, everyone should fit in and feel at home. However, because attendance is by invitation only, it's necessary to first visit Gwen's Exchange's website at: Oh - and one more thing - there is a membership fee.

Joe and Diane invite you to join them at Eden in OKC which is an off premise club in Oklahoma City. They meet on the first and third Saturdays of the month but it's wise to visit their website at: because they occasionally host special events. The members are all committed, secure couples in the Lifestyle. To join you can complete the application (available at their website) and set up a date to have an interview. However, out of state memberships are honored. They own a private building in a very private part of town and they can get their members discount rates at local hotels - one of which is said to be the finest in the city.

SpringField Social Club
RT 1, Box 155
Buffalo, MO 65622
(417) 824-5947

MN Party Connection
PO Box 581515
Minneapolis, MN 55458
(612) 566-1212

Club NCN
PO Box 259871
Madison, WI 53725
(608) 873-1902

Gwen's Exchange
PO Box 132
Benton, AR 72018
(501) 307-9077

Eden in OKC
PO Box 25443
Oklahoma City, OK 73125
(405) 644-7990

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