Sexology News Update:
"Porn Czar" Says Victoria's to Stay Secret

"Porn Czar" pressure succeeds in removal of Victoria's Secret Mall Display

A few weeks ago Utah's "Porn Czar," Paula Houston, announced she would be seeking federal prosecution for Internet e-mail featuring pedophiliac themes. The possible legal implications for new Internet laws restricting explicit materials have yet to emerge. We are watching. However, it comes as no surprise that following on the heels of Houston's efforts to keep our children "safe" from pedophiliac exploitation on the net, a group of concerned mothers have jumped on the purity crusade bandwagon to pressure a Victoria's Secret outlet in Utah County to pull it's lingerie photo displays from mall windows.

Is history repeating itself? Will Houston prove to be the Comstock of the new century? Will retailers give in to special interest group pressure to avoid the costs of legal defense? The old bait and switch themes of social censorship seem to be resurrecting in the new millennium in Utah. Will other states follow? What began as protecting children from pedophiles a few weeks ago has evolved into protecting children from lingerie.

--Mark Malan

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