Carnal Care By Veronica Monet
The Wondrous Vulva (MAR 2003)
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Comes Naturally By David Steinberg
Spirit Made Flesh
(JUN 2003)
Life to Hold on to While Death is Passing
(MAY 2003)
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A Good Man in a Bad Time and Place
(MAR 2003)
No Apologies: The Story of Jack McGeorge (JAN 2003)
Sex Work for Couples: Three is Not Always a Crowd (DEC 2002)
New York's Thoughtful New Museum of Sex (OCT 2002)
First Time
(APR 2002)
Taking It All Off
(MAR 2002)

Standing Up to be Counted: Barbara Nitke vs. John Ashcroft (FEB 2002)
Danger, Sexual and Otherwise: Juggling Fear, Safety and Freedom (NOV 2001)
Silencing The Body Electric (OCT 2001)
Hedwig's Angry Inch
(SEP 2001)
Photographing Sex
(AUG 2001)
A Gender Odyssey
(JUL 2001)
Last Macarena in Vegas
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Oh, Them Dirty Pictures
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Bad Day at the Media
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Hannibal Lecter, Good, Evil, and the Yearning for Integrity
(MAR 2001)
Let Them Eat Chocolate
(FEB 2001)
Bush League Sex (JAN 2001)
Morality, Yes; Morailsm, No: An Ode to the Marquis de Sade (DEC 2000)
The Largest Gathering of Transgenered People in the World (NOV 2000)

Gayvue By Chales-Gene McDaniel
Getting There (APR 2002)
Kneeling for Prayer and Priapus (FEB 2002)
Pruned Pricks or Foreskin Follies (NOV 2001)
The Rudyized Gaiety (OCT 2001)
Mile High Memories By Desmond Waite (SEP 2001)
The 50s Redux (AUG 2001)
Repressing Desire, Projecting Hate (MAR 2001)
Paying for It By Desmond Waite (JAN 2001)

Guest Shot
Fun With Your New Penis By Larry Tritten
(JAN 2003)
On the May-December Romance: The Abacus of Limited Desire
By Richard Pacheco (DEC 2002)
Sex, Lies and Colin Powell By Lara Riscol (APR 2002)
How to Break into Adult Films By Dave Cummings (MAY 2001)
V-Day, Inc. - The Vagina Monologues By Betty Dodson, Ph.D. (MAR 2001)
Vanessa Del Rio -- The Satin Latin By Larry Tritten (FEB 2001)

Lifestyle On-Line By Steve Mason
A Reader's Letter
(APR 2002)
A Stranger... In An Even Stranger Land
(MAR 2002)
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hy Women Swing (DEC 2001)
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Sexual Epidemic Sweeps Nation
(OCT 2001)
Accentuate the Negative
(SEP 2001)
"...and they lived happily ever after."
(AUG 2001)
If It Feels Good...
(JUL 2001)
Sexual Starvation
(JUN 2001)
You Can't Live With 'Em...
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The Green Eyed Monster
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E-mail Q & A
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Swing Scene News (JAN 2001)
The Swing Scene Calendar - 'Till Death Do Us Part (DEC 2000)

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Banning Porn in the 21st Century (JUL 2002)
"Let's kill all the lawyers"
(APR 2002)
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Looking Homeward, And We're No Angels
(NOV 2001)
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(AUG 2001)
I Say Clitoris, You Say Clitoris
(JUL 2001)
All Together Now! The First Annual (Live Group) Masturbate-A-Thon
(JUN 2001)
Behind the Zion Curtain
(MAY 2001)
Heading to Nashville (APR 2001)
In Spring, A Young Beast's Fancy...(MAR 2001)
"Fetish! Get Your Red-Hot Fetish!" (FEB 2001)

Polyamory: What It Is and What It Isn't By Derek McCollough and David S. Hall Ph.D.

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Berlin's Sexuality Archive By Marianna Beck and Jack Hafferkamp

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Roots of Western Pornography
By Marianna Beck Ph.D.
Part 1: I Modi
Part 2: The French Enlightenment Takes on Sex
Part 3: England Bites Back With Fanny Hill
Part 4: The French Revolution and the Rise of Politically-Motivated Pornography
Part 5: The Marquis DeSade's Twisted Parody of Life
Part 6: How the Victorian Era Spawned Pornography's Golden Age
Part 7: Victorian Obsessions and Fin-de-Siècle Predilections

Studies in Erotology
Preserving America’s Erotic Heritage
UN-BANNING BOOKS By Jack Hafferkamp
Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: From Benjamin Hicklin to Margaret Sanger
Part 3: The Little Review and James Joyce's Ulysses
Part 4: Samuel Roth to Henry Miller
Part 5: The "Brennan Doctrine"
Part 6: Warren Berger and the Miller Standard
Part 7: Now What?

Penises, Pain and the Progressives: How America Prepared for the 20th-Century by Cutting Off Its Foreskins Masturbation Fears By Jack Hafferkamp

Porn in Ancient Rome By Tracy Scarpino

"Porn Czar" vs. Victoria's Secret By Mark Malan

The Surgeon General's Call to Action to Promote Sexual Health and Responsible Sexual Behavior
In it's entirity, sensible guidelines for preventing disease and improving sexual education.

What Girls are Gushing About...
Ejaculation isn't just for boys anymore!
By Pega Ren, Ed.D.

Throw Up Your Hands: The Emetophiles Are Here!
What visitors here share is a fetish often considered the "last closet" -- emetophilia, or vomit fantasy. By Jaye Blumenthal

Confessions of a Sex Researcher By Petra Boynton, Ph.D.

Barbara Nitke: Twenty Years
An Exploration of Sexual Relationship and Desire. Photo show and celebration of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom

Banging A Gang: Women Who Seek Group Sex with Men
A Study by Drs. Joan & Dwight Dixon

A Brief History of Dildo and Vibrator Use: LIBIDO is proud to publish an affidavit by historian Rachel Maines, filed in U.S. District Court in the Northern District of Alabama. In her testimony, Maines does a dazzling job of making a claim for the truth.

Interview with Paula Kamen, author of Her Way: Young Women Remake the Sexual Revolution By Jack Hafferkamp

Lesbian sex columnist falls for man -- Story at 8! By Athena Douris

Is There a Goddess in the House? In New York with Annie Sprinkle, from the Libido Archives on the eve of a NEW Sluts & Goddesses Workshop! By Marianna Beck

Erotic Authors Association - The Winners of the First Annual Erotic Authors Awards!

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A Girl Named Steve
By Lynnell Stephani Long