The Pearl was a Victorian underground sex magazine first published in London in 1879. In all, 18 monthly issues were published before it disappeared.

The Pearl presented serialized fiction of the type we bring you in this issue along with jokes, limericks, ballads, gossip and other material designed to inflame and amuse. Altogether if offers marvelous insight into the manners and morals of Victorian England that are certainly missing from more proper histories of the times, and which thus give a much more complete, if politically incorrect, picture of life in those times.

What distinguishes The Pearl from other publications of its time -- and our own -- is the charm of much of its writing. For instance, consider the poem "Temptation" from issue number 8 (Feb. 1880):

Papa and Mamma, Arabell and I,
Were sitting at supper with nobody by;
Now because they believe me a cozy old fellow,
They want to induce me to wed Arabella.

I like the girl well, but I don’t choose to wed,
Fair Bella percieves I’m not easily led;
But while Papa told me some prosy old fable
She was scratching her marrowbones under the table.

She look’d in my face without shame or aversion,
While scratching her nakedness for my diversion;
While I sat electrify’d stuck like a fool,
She put down her petticoats easy and cool.

And ten minutes after she did it again,
Though knowing I look’d and saw it quite plaini;
Come – there was a prank for a delicate virgin,
Who thought an old bachelor wanting some urging!

La Rose D’Amour: Or the Adventures of a Gentleman in Search of Pleasure, a tale supposedly translated from French, began appearing in the same issue. This excerpt dates from April 1880.

Or the Adventures of a Gentleman in Search of Pleasure.
"Translated from the French"

Shortly a bell sounded, and through a side door entered a troupe of the most beautiful young girls the world could produce.

The effect on me was electric, so much beauty congregated together I could not imagine. So bewitchingly graceful did they appear as they gleefully tripped into the room, exhibiting the most lascivious attitudes. So true to a fault were their figures, so charming was the clear transparent whiteness of their necks and faces, slightly tinted with the roses hue, shaded by masses of rich black, auburn, or chestnut hair, which waved in the light like rays of molten gold, falling in ringlets over their beautifully rounded shoulders, whilst their eyes, half hid in the long silken lashes, beaming and sparkling with licentiousness, made them look like houris descended from the Moslems paradise, rather than anything of mortal mould. And what served to heighten the enchantment their appearance cast over me was their dress.

Some entered dressed in pants and cymar, à la Turque, displaying to the utmost advantage their large busts and beautifully rounded hips.

Others (the majority) dressed in Turkish pants of fine blue or pink gauze, with a short petticoat hanging halfway to the knee, made of the same material, and which, instead of hiding any part of their bodies, only added to their beauty, and heightened every charm.

Their beautiful breasts could be plainly seen, even the rosy-tipped nipples could be distinguished as they rose and fell in undulating palpitations against their slight covering.

The shape of the legs and thighs could be seen; nay, even the masses of curling hair that overhung their delicious, luscious little cunts, even the lips of which I could see -- all, all was visible.

I stood thus entranced, gazing on the fairy-like beings that were grouped around me, without a thought but of their extreme loveliness, till I was aroused from my state of dreamy delight by one of the gentlemen present asking me to give my arm to one of the ladies, and take her for my partner at the supper table. And that if after supper I should see any other lady who I might prefer to my first choke, I should be at full liberty to take her.

All that I could do in answer was to gaze around on them with a half-bewildered look, till a beautiful creature came up to me, and with a smile, putting her arm in mine, her lustrous dark eyes beaming with the very spirit of luxuriousness, asked if I would not accept her as my companion for the night.

I answered her by putting my arm around her taper waist and drawing her into a close embrace, imprinted on her lips a dozen burning kisses, which she returned with equal ardour.

Leading the way to the table we seated ourselves on a sofa (there being no chairs, but a sofa for each couple); the repast commenced.

No sooner had we taken our seats than an unseen, band of music struck up, playing the most beautiful and seductive airs; and as the dessert came on, a large curtain, which was stretched across at one end of the room, suddenly drew up, exhibiting a beautiful little stage, on which appeared four girls dancing some of the most licentious dances, throwing themselves into the most tempting postures, pirouetting bill their gauze skirts stood entirely level with their navels, showing their cunts, even drawing apart the vermilion lips of those mossy temples of love by the extension of their legs, allowing us to catch a glimpse of the luscious interior which the open legs half disclosed.

After sitting at the dessert an hour or more, drinking the most exciting and heating wines with one another, on a given signal the girls withdrew to prepare for the ball, leaving us to do the same, which consisted merely in our stripping stark naked, retaining only out pumps.

I must here beg the reader's indulgence to state what I should have said before -- that is, that the members of the society which held their revels in this house all belonged to the first families in the kingdom. That when any gentleman was initiated he must bring with him and present to the society game female relative, either a sister or cousin, mistress or some beautiful female friend, so that in enjoying the relatives of other members he could have no advantage over them or their honour.

The young lady who had made herself my partner, I learned, was Mademoiselle de C-----, daughter of Count C----, and sister to one of the gentlemen present Here, on the pretence of being on a visit to each others houses, they met once a week, and gave loose to the most unbounded licentiousness. All modesty formally banished the house, and the most lascivious abandon being substituted in its place.

After shipping we entered the ballroom, which, like the salle à manger was I painted with nude figures, and instead of seats, it was furnished at the sides and ends with richly made couches stuffed with the softest down, and having spring bottoms, sheets of the finest lace, and coverlets of silk and satin, but no curtains to them, as nothing was allowed to be done in secret.
If a gentleman and his partner were tired of dancing, they could retire to a couch and play at the game of love.

On brackets against the wall, a little raised above the couches, were shelves supporting decanters of wine, trays of comfits, and other stimulating refreshments.

We had met long to wait for oar partners ere they came dancing into the room, as naked as we were, except a wide scarf of light blue or pink gauze, which each had thrown over her shoulders.

If I was pleased with my partner at supper I was much more so now that I could have a fair view of her when perfectly naked Her skin rivalled alabaster in whiteness, her beautiful full breasts sustained themselves firm and round as two globes; her well rounded shoulders tapered down into a waist, a small foot, with an ankle expanding upwards into a fine calf, her thighs full, large and proportionately made, swelling up into a pair of large hips, while the two half-globes of her backside were equally massive and firm. Her hair, which she had combed out, hung down to her
knees, while her cunt was surrounded and overshadowed by a mass of jet black hair which grew upon and around her belly as high as her navel, hanging down between her thighs some way, forming a perfect veil or covering over the dear little slit, contrasting most beautifully with the snowy whiteness of her belly and thighs.

On entering the room she ran up to me with extended arms, but I caught her, and held bar out at arms length, surveying and devouring with my eyes her every charm and then clasping her in a long embrace, we writhed about in each other's arms, rubbing our bellies together, till Mr. Pego began to snort and prance about between her thighs, seeking for an entrance into some hospitable retreat in which to hide his impudence.

So great was the excitement raised in me by feeling her soft White belly rubbing against mine, as well as the springy mom covering of her fount of love pressing against my rampant machine, that I would have sent him in to explore the dark little cavern concealed between her thighs, as we stood in the centre of the mom, had she not prevented me.

Hardly knowing how to contain my still increasing passion, I slid between her arms, and dropped on my knees on the floor, parting with my fingers the glossy ringlets that hid a pair of rosy pouting lips, most lusciously tempting, and implanted my burning kisses on that amorous spot.

There was no tune for farther dalliance as the music began, and she led me away to join in the dance.

After the first cotillion I led her to a couch, and reclining on it drew her down by my side, and would soon have brought matters to a crisis had she not prevented me spin, by saying that we should be obliged to enter the lists, and go through our first manual exercise on a state couch in the centre of the room, surrounded by the whole company.

Shortly after I heard the tinkle of a small bell, and immediately entered four men, wheeling in. a couch of carved rosewood, covered with sheets of the finest linen, overspread with one of Brussels lace.

The committee, one of whom was my partner's brother, advanced to me and led me to the couch, while three of the ladies present took Mademoiselle de C----, and placing her on her back turned a small screw at one aide of it, which, acting on springs, raised that part on which rested her beautiful
buttocks, elevating them at least one foot higher than her head or feet, forming a sort of bow, and throwing up that portion of bet belly and thighs which was most contiguous to the dear little cleft in the bottom of her belly.

So soon as they had arranged everything the three girls stepped back a little, and the men placed me on the top of her who was to share my sweet labour. She extended her thighs to the utmost to receive me.

After I was placed comfortably on her the gentlemen fastened us down on the couch by means of belts of india rubber, which extended across the bed, and held us firmly on it.

I soon perceived the necessity of this, as at the least motion I made (there were such powerful springs fixed in the body of the couch) the springing caused by it would have thrown we off my partner if not off the couch.

The sweet little creature, who was lying under me, now threw her legs across my back, and clasping me in her arms, showed that she was ready for the delicious combat.

Upon these signs the girls who had placed her on the couch advanced, and one with the tips of her fingers held open the lips of bar cunt, while another took hold of my stiff-stander, and pointing his head at the entrance, directed him to the opening before him. But so highly were my passions wrought up, and such a magnificent erection had I acquired, so swelled up was its large red head, and so lusciously tight and small the entrance to the grotto of love, that it would not enter.

After two or three trials, each of which failed, die one who had hold of my driving machine, forced my backside up from off Mademoiselle de C----, and dipping her head between my thighs took my prick into her mouth, and palating it with her tongue, wet it well with saliva, and letting it out of her mouth, again presented it at the entrance of the fiery furnace which was gaping to receive it. Effecting a safe lodgement for the head, with one vigorous thrust I buried myself in her to the very haft.

So fierce was the concussion produced by the meeting of our bodies that my magnificent stones fairly cracked against her delicious backside. With such force did I come down on her that the springs in the bed were forced low down, and rebounding sent us some three feet into the air. The bed was so constructed that the springs could force the bed up from the body on which it rested.

I now felt that I was master of the field, and taking advantage of my position, gave my partner such a series of thrusts and drives – the springing of the bed driving her to meet me -- our bodies would come together with such a force such as to make all tremble.

The spectators around us were continually calling out to us and commenting upon our performance with such exclamations as the following: "0 God, what a magnificent thrust." " How splendidly he drives it home to her." "See how deliciously their bodies meet together." "What a splendid prick, what beautifully large stones, how exquisitely do they flop against her buttocks," Etc.

"Ah, Mademoiselle do C-----, how I envy you those glorious cods and that luxurious prick, with which you are now gorging that goody little maw of yours," exclaimed a lively young creature as she left her gallant’s arm to approach the bed and get a fairer view of the fierce driving machine which so excited her imagination "Oh, bow beautiful!" she said, as stooping down she caught a full view of the whole machinery in motion. "See how the proud courser shams and smokes a he reins back his head to the stating place, and then how he makes everything foam again as he dashes onward in his mad career, towards the goal of victory!" and in her excitement she took my stones in her hand, and gently squeezed them, and brought me at to the crisis.

Making one last lunge forward, I lay quivering and gasping on my fair partner's bosom, drenching her inmost parts a perfect shower of the elixir of love.

My partner, who, had been no ways backward in sustaining my fierce lunges and had returned them with thrusts and upheavings fully as amorous as my own, feeling the heat of the burning liquid I was ejecting in her, gave, way at the same time, and dissolving her very soul into a flood of sperm, opened the gates of loves reservoir, and let flow such a stream of pearly essence as never came, from woman before.

After we had recovered ourselves from the delirium in which our senses were lost for a few moments, the belts which held us together were loosened.

I arose, and raised Mademoiselle de C----; as I stood her on the floor large drops of spendings fell pattering between her feet, attesting to the vigor and warmth with which we had entered into the pleasure of love.

I now received the congratulations of the male part, as to the manner in which I had gone through the performance, and done such credit to their sex.

My mistress also received the encomiums of the females, all of whom envied her of her good luck in having me for a companion.

Then taking the dear girl to one of the side of the couches, we reclined for a short time, taking wine and refreshments to invigorate ourselves for further enjoyments.

Casting my eyes around the room I observed that every couch was occupied by a couple, all of them playing the same some we had gone through with.

My fair partner and myself arose and promenaded round the room, observing the different modes and manners of frigging which some, of them adopted.

At the sight of so many beautiful women in action all at once, I thought it only right my mistress should complete the set, and leading her back to the couch, I again gave her such a delicious fuck that she could not get up for half-an-hour afterwards.

Shortly after the company had recovered from the transports parts into which they were plunged, two servants entered the main, bearing in on trays small cups of spiced chocolate, prepared in such a way as to give the drinker strength to enter the lists of love ten or a dozen times.

Fucking was now proclaimed the order of the night.

Never in the world was there so much delicious frigging done at one time by an equal number of persons. Never were there so many beautiful cunts to be seen so gorged and stuffed, and so well fucked by so many noble pricks. Never did woman receive such a shower of sperm as drenched them from all quarters.

The debauch was growing to its height, the chocolate began to operate fiercely on the men. The women writhed and twined themselves about the floor, fucking, screaming and shouting in ecstasy.

The most licentious words now issued from the months of those females who, on the morrow, would meet you in their salons with a demure look and virtuous countenance.

The excitement was steadily increasing. The women became perfect Bacchantes, they drank freely of the most exciting wines.

Suddenly they stripped the beds from off the couches, and on the floor, forming one large bed, upon which they all could lay down.

The uproar increased.

Here might be seen two women contending (amicably) for one man.

Again, two men contending for one woman, till each found a place for their inflamed pricks, one in her cunt and the other in her bottom or mouth at the same time.

The females shouted ran after the men, throwing themselves on the bed, dragging the men on the top of them.

My loving mistress partook of the universal excitement with the rest. She was, if possible, more furious than any of her sex, mad with the extraordinary lubricity aroused within her amorous frame, twining herself in my arms, rubbing all parts of bar body against mine, smothering me with kisses, nay, even pinching and biting me with force so highly were her erotic propensities aroused, and continually calling on me by every endearing name, to frig, fuck or give her satisfaction with my tongue.

Placing herself in the most lascivious positions, throwing up her legs and outstretching her arms, she would invite me in the most licentious terms, to enter the amorous lists, ex-patiating on each and every separate beauty of her person, declaring superior firmness of her plump bubbies, which she would press and squeeze, then on the white and velvet softness of her belly, describing all the luscious charms of her cunt, the luxurious heat contained within its juicy folds. Then turning on her belly, would display the two firm and plump moons of her backside, inviting me to enter from that quarter. Then throwing her legs back lay with the feet resting on her buttocks.

While in this position a thought struck me, and I determined to put it in execution.

Throwing myself on my back, my feet towards her head, my bare arse against hers, my prick stiff and erect as a rod of ivory tipped with red, I told my inamorata to lower her legs an my body. As she did so I had my battering ram right to the point, and she impaled herself on its head. This was a rather novel mode of fucking, but none more so than the manner in which some of the others were frigging.

The orgies of these Bacchantes having reached its height, partially subsided for a few minutes, when the president of the club, calling for order, put to the vote whether the lights in the room should be put out or not.

Having witnessed all that had passed, this seemed a strange proceeding, and on asking my fair partner to solve the riddle, she replied that at certain hour at each meeting the party, both male and female stripped themselves of every ornament. The women are not even allowed to retain combs in their hair. The men then retiring to another apartment for a moment or two, the women would put out all the lights in the room, taking care, however, to leave one burning in a small side closet, when on the ringing of a bell the men would again enter the room, in which were their mistresses,
and mixing indiscriminately with them, would recommence the soft pleasures of love at once.

Neither the ladies nor their lovers allowed to open their mouths even for a whisper, for fear of being known to each other, and that for the same reasons everyone was obliged to lay aside every ornament, no matter what it might be, so that a brother and sister, in can they were together could not recognize one another by any particular bracelet or ring or other ornament.

After the vote had been taken we did as I have just stated.

On our re-entering the room, which was totally dark, the door was locked from the outside by an attendant, and stumbling forward through the darkness, we met the women, who threw themselves to our arms, and we were soon tumbling pell mell on the floor.

I got hold of a little fairy, and groping my way to one corner of the large bed, I placed her in a favourable position, and finding in the dark as well as in daylight. I revelled in charms the most voluptuous.

Oh, ye Gods! how tight did her cunt clap my prick. What a luscious suction was created by the juicy folds of her cylinder as my piston-rod shoved in and out. How gloriously she met all my thrusts by the most energetic heaves. Oh, how her fiery kisses were lashed on my cheeks and lips, as I pressed her to my bosom. And now the crisis came on, and we swam in a sea of pleasure.

I lay by her side, and broke the rules by telling her in a whisper who I was. I questioned her about her adventures in the dark.

She went on to tell me that at one of the meetings, on the lights being suddenly restored, she found herself lying in the arms of her half-brother, and that she had frequently met with her cousin also.

She said that she bad known brothers and deters, and many a pair of cousins, who had been caught in each other's arms and that on the lights being restored, so for from quitting one another they Pursued the chase tin the game was run down, and enjoyed themselves as they would, had they been strangers.

She said that in order to obtain the full enjoyment of the pleasures of love, it was necessary --- to do away with all modesty and restraint, that man was made for woman and woman for man. That, for her part, she considered it made no difference who the actors were, so the fucking was well done and en-joyed.

All her actions and movements pronounced my partner one of the most licentious of women. She played with all parts of my body; laying her head on my thighs, she would handle my stones, put the head of my prick between other lips than those nature formed to receive it, and tickling the head of it with her tongue she tried to awaken it to renewed vigour; trying every means to arouse its dormant energies, she succeeded, and casting herself into, my arms, lay on her back upon me.

My pego was in a beautiful state of erection, his head rooting up between the snowy thighs of my fair burden, and furiously butting the door, demanding an entrance into the secret chamber of love. With the tips of her fingers she opened the valves that closed the rosy-tinted aperture of her cavernous recess, and inserting the head I gave rein to my courser, and for the seventh time that night did I drown myself in bliss.

So well pleased was I with my companion that despite the affection of the many beauties who were groping about over the room, enjoying themselves first with one man, then with another, and any of whom I might have had, that I laid myself in her arms, my cheek resting on a very large round globe of flesh, her arms clasping me close to it, while her legs were crossed with mine.

In this position I fell into a sound sleep.

When I awoke the lights were blazing with great splendor, and I found the girl in whose arms I had fallen asleep engaged in a vigorous combat with a man who lay close by me.

Continuing the debauch till the approach of day, we all dressed, each one going separately, and by different routes to their residences.

I reached home, and hastening to my apartment, completely worn out from the violent exercise I had undergone, I fell into a sleep from which it was three o’clock in the afternoon before I awoke.

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