Libido: Fiction: A Walk in the Rain
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A Walk in the Rain on the Wild Side

By O'Neil De Noux

Judy was plenty scared. Two seedy-looking men leered at her legs as they sat across the aisle of the narrow streetcar. She looked up at the only other person on the car, the driver, and tugged nervously at the hem of her tight silver minidress. The driver was too busy driving through a tropical New Orleans rainstorm to notice anything else on the streetcar at one in the morning.

Judy told herself to calm down. This was what she'd planned when she climbed into the shortest dress she owned earlier that evening. Checking herself in her full-length mirror, as she built up confidence to leave her house dressed like that, she felt excited. The slightest bend at the waist gave a clear view of her thin white panties. Her dress was so short, she had to pull her black thigh-high stockings all the way up to her ass, to keep the top of the hose from being seen when she walked.

Finishing her make-up, Judy had rolled dark red lipstick over her lips and took a look again in the full-length mirror. She'd run her hands down her hips to straighten her dress and turned. Not bad, she thought. At thirty-two, she still had a good figure and damn nice legs. She just wished she could tan, so her skin wouldn't look so -- white. She ran a final brush through her long brown hair and slipped her Smith and Wesson .38 snub-nosed revolver into her purse. After a third glass of wine, she decided to go braless.

Judy squirmed in her seat and realized it wasn't fear that made it difficult for her to breathe now -- it was her dress. Her dress was shrinking. She should have known better. Everyone knows, never wear crepe in the rain. It shrinks.

It hadn't been raining when she walked over to Carrollton Avenue to catch the streetcar. She'd immediately flashed a well-dressed man with green eyes when she sat across from him. She felt a blush cross her face as she crossed and uncrossed her legs, watching him stare at her legs every time she uncrossed them. She told herself this was all part of the plan. She felt him looking up her dress, and liked it. The wine helped.

Getting out on Canal Street to wait for the return trip, she didn't notice the clouds overhead. The rain caught her just before the streetcar arrived. It was a typical, late summer rainstorm that came down in torrents. It ruined her hair and drenched her dress. Stunned, Judy climbed aboard the streetcar.

Sitting on one of the bench seats that faced the aisle, near the rear of the streetcar, she wiped the water from her face and arms. It was then she felt someone staring at her. She watched two young men move directly across the aisle from her. The black one was tall and wore a wild African shirt. The other, a ruddylooking man with a reddish face, looked like a Portuguese pirate. They stared directly at her legs. She crossed her legs immediately. The way she'd been sitting had given them more than a good view up her short dress. She felt a flush on her face again. These were the type of men she was looking for, but hadn't expected them so suddenly, nor they way they were looking at her -- as if she was dinner, She stole glances at them as she wiped the rain from her arms. Pulling her purse close, she was soothed by the weight of her .38.

Younger than Judy, the black man looked to be in pretty good shape, with bulging biceps. His companion, also in great shape, was about Judy's age and wore a gray T-shirt and torn jeans. His complexion looked as if he'd spent years under the hot Louisiana sun or on the deck of a tramp steamer. Judy felt nervous as they ogled her legs, and fought to calm herself.

The streetcar slowed as the rain increased, slamming against the side windows in sheets. Judy struggled with her dress; it was getting tighter around her waist by the second. Tugging at the dress did little good. She looked down; it looked as if it had been painted on. The tops of her stockings were completely exposed. The dress pressed so tightly around her breasts, it hid nothing.

Judy looked up at her two spectators and saw that they had noticed her dress was shrinking. Judy had to uncross her legs to pull her dress down as much as she could; but even holding it down failed to cover her panties now. Looking at the two men, seeing them staring at her crotch gave her another flush. Excited and frightened at the same time, it was a rush, sexy and dangerous. She felt her heart beating. She looked out at the rain, feeling the cool damp air through the cracked window while the men stared between her legs, her dress shrinking by the second.

Then the streetcar stopped. The driver called back to them. "There's some cars blocking the tracks 'cause of the flooding. I'll be right back." He bolted out the door before Judy could say anything.

The rain slammed against the streetcar. Outside, St. Charles Avenue was flooded.

The dress was so tight around her chest, it was cutting off her breath now. It must have been on her face, because the black man said, "Say lady, that dress is shrinking you to death."

"It's crepe," she answered nervously, then deepened her voice immediately. "it shrinks when it gets wet."

He leered at her crotch. Judy looked down and saw that her dress was half way up the front of her panties.

"How do you wash it?" The man asked.

"Huh? Oh, I have to send it to the cleaners."


Both men grinned.

It was then the black man said, "My cousin lives right over there." He pointed to a two-story wooden house down Euterpe Street. Euterpe? That was the very street she'd planned to get off at and walk down in her daring dress, to find someone, anyone that would talk along the block between St. Charles and Prytania.

The wind howled loudly and shook the streetcar.

"Look, y'all," he said, "I ain't staying on this streetcar. Y'all better come with me to my cousin's. I think there's a tornado out there."

At that moment, a gust of wind slammed against the streetcar, rocking it so hard Judy almost fell out of her seat. The man reached over and grabbed her arm. Then he pulled his hand away quickly and said, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to touch you."

Judy watched him move to the open front door and step out. Standing now, Judy realized her dress had crawled halfway up her ass. The thought of being left alone on the streetcar was scary enough -- but she wasn't alone. The pirate was still there. She looked back and saw his dark eyes staring at the her rear end. Composing herself, she moved forward and looked out at the darkness of Euterpe Street. The man stood out in the rain, in knee-high water, his hands in the pockets of his jeans as he looked back at Judy.

She gulped and told herself this was where she was supposed to get off. If he had a cousin who lived on Euterpe, then she was half finished with her mission.

Overhead a lightning bolt flashed, followed by a roll of thunder so loud Judy jumped and followed her movement right out of the streetcar, right for the black man. With her heart pounding, she followed him down Euterpe Street. She lost both high heels and was completely drenched by the time they made it to the back porch of a three-story wooden tenement. Pausing to wipe themselves off, the man told her his name was Donnie. Judy told him her name was Marsha. From below, she heard a voice call out.

"I'm Sam!" It was the pirate. He'd followed. Shielding his face with his hands, he said in a heavy accent, "Can I come up on the porch too?"

Donnie told him to get up before he drowned. Then Donnie quickly excused himself and went up a flight of stairs. Judy heard him moving on the wooden stairs above, then heard him coming down.

"Damn, he ain't home."

Judy couldn't breath anymore. She wanted to just ask him the question, but felt herself going lightheaded. She had to unzip her dress. Tucking her purse under her left arm, she reached back and tried unzipping the dress with her right hand. Her purse fell. She bent over and grabbed it. Standing, she felt faint.

She struggled with her zipper again and managed to get it down a couple inches but then it stuck, so she asked Donnie to help. He moved around and tried, but only managed to get it down another inch. Judy wiggled and looked up at the bright porch light they stood under. The men would get a good view in about a minute. She had to get out of that dress, braless or not.

"Let me," Sam said.

Donnie stepped out of the way and Judy felt Sam's strong hands on her zipper. After a few seconds of struggling, he said, "I'm trying not to rip this, but--"

"Rip it," she told him. "I can't wear it again."

She felt Sam's knuckles now, digging against her back as he ripped the dress completely off. Instinctively Judy put her arms over her breasts. Donnie, who as standing in front of her, got a good look before she covered them. He looked up at Judy's face and smiled .

"What do I do with it?" Sam said, holding up the ruined silver dress.

Judy grabbed it and threw it off the porch into the rain.

Donnie removed his shirt and threw it out in the rain too. So did Sam. Before long, they were all standing in their drawers. Judy pulled her hair out of her eyes and watched the men stare at her breasts. Her nipples were erect as she stood there, half-naked with the two strangers.

Turning to Donnie, Judy said, "I could have used your shirt."

"Want I should go get it?"

It was lying in mud, so she told him no. The rain seemed to increase. Aided by the wind, it blew in on them in waves. They edged to the wall of the building, Donnie, always the leader, had another idea. He told them to wait a second and then went back up the stairs. He scrambled down a moment later.

"Come on," Donnie said, "we can get out of the rain."

He led them upstairs and around the side of the building and pointed to a high window. "It's vacant. I just climbed up there." He held his hands together to give Sam a boost. Judy was next and a moment later, found herself tumbling into Sam's eager arms. His hands conveniently ran across her breasts and caressed her ass momentarily.

Judy tucked her purse against her breasts and pulled away. Donnie climbed in a second later. She looked around the room and saw that they were in a empty apartment, illuminated only by the bright street lights streaming through the windows.

"I thought your cousin lived here," she said.

"He lives in the next apartment. This one's vacant." Moving next to her Donnie added, "You're bleeding."

Looking down at her panties, Judy saw a dark stain of black grease along the rear of her panties. Away from the light, it looked like blood. It looked gross.

"Take it off," Sam said, as he pulled his drawers off and threw them across the empty room. Donnie followed suit.

Looking into Donnie's eyes, Judy heard herself say, "Just don't hurt me."

Donnie's large brown eyes widened as he spread his arms and said, "Lady. Nobody wants to hurt you. That's for sure."

Turning her back to them, Judy pulled off both stockings and used them to try to wipe the grease from her panties and rear end. She only succeeded in spreading it. So she sucked in a deep breath and slipped out of her panties and used them to wipe the remainder of the grease from her ass. Then she threw the panties and stockings across the room, too, and stood there stark naked with two strange men, in the middle of a storm, in the middle of an empty room, in the middle of a night that was anything but empty.

Craning her neck around slowly, she saw them standing in the window light, their bodies glistening from the rain. She saw the erection between Sam's legs as he stared at her naked ass. Donnie, wiping the rain from his arms, was completely erect. He had a long, thin dick that stood straight up.

Judy felt a weakness in her legs as she stood there. Her stomach bottomed out. Looking down at the floor, she saw that it was fairly clean, at least by the window. So she moved to the wall, put her purse down and sat, pressing her purse against the wall. She pulled her legs up against her chest and waited, her chest rising with each breath. After a moment, Judy leaned her head to one side and began to wring the water from her long hair.

Without a word, Donnie moved up, took her hair and wrung it out, gently. Sam moved on the other side of Judy and sat cross-legged, his dick sitting up stiff between his legs. When Donnie finished with her hair he sat next to Judy, also cross-legged. In the ensuing silence, Judy looked at Donnie and then at Sam and watched the two men examine her. Slowly, Judy let her knees down and leaned back against the wall, her arms falling to her side. She crossed her legs and closed her eyes and felt their gaze tracing their way up and down her body. Slowly she moved until she sat cross- legged between them.

Opening her eyes, Judy saw Donnie on his knees, leaning close and staring at her face. Hesitating, he leaned closer and moved his large lips toward hers. She felt her heart thundering in her ears. He parted his lips slightly and leaned even closer. Judy felt her head turn one side and they kissed. Donnie kissed her ever so softly at first. She felt his tongue probing hers as the kiss became more intense. Judy frenched him back long and hard and felt his fingers on her breasts.

Donnie pulled her away from the window, lying her down, just beneath the window. Kissing his way down her neck, he kissed each of her breasts as his fingers found their way between her legs. Then she felt Sam's hands on her ankles as he gently moved them apart, wide, wider, until she was completely open. Donnie's fingers slipped inside the folds of her pussy.

It was unbelievable. Judy felt so many emotions as Donnie climbed on her and pressed the tip of his long dick into her. She sighed at the penetration and curled her back and almost came immediately as this lean young man began to fuck her.

"Oh!" She reached down and grabbed his ass.

Donnie pressed his tongue hard into Judy's mouth as his dick plunged into her, his balls slapping against her ass. Judy came in a rush and came again just before she felt him explode inside, felt the gush of his climax as he pounded her. He pumped a full, hot load into her and cried himself as he came. Kissing her softly again on the mouth, Donnie moved off. Judy kissed him back and felt Sam move between her legs and press his wide cock into her.

Sam fucked her long and hard and came in spurts. Moving off, he curled up next to Judy and said, "Man, you are a beautiful."

She smelled their semen mixed in with her pussy-juice, smelled their sweat on her chest as they lay there catching their breaths.

When Donnie was ready again, he asked her to stand up and put her hands on the window sill. Spreading her feet wide, he moved behind Judy and sank his dick into her doggie-style. His hands on her hips, he rocked against her and rode her, moaning and grunting as he jammed her. Judy could hear the sloshing sound of his dick moving in and out as he fucked her again.

Rubbing his hands over her ass, he gasped, "White girl, you got one great pussy."

Sam moved beneath Judy and began sucking her nipples as Donnie fucked her. She didn't think her legs would hold out until Donnie came again. But she held up and he came once more.

Then Sam pulled her down and mounted her and screwed her again. He rode her a long time, kissing her neck and mouth and breasts, working his large dick in her until she came again. When he came, he cried out something in Spanish.

Judy watched both men lying on their backs after, their dicks flaccid and spent. She watched their breathing decrease. But -- she was still hot. Moving over Donnie, she pulled her hair back with her left hand and took his dick in her right hand and kissed it and licked it and sucked it until it was up again. Then she climbed on it and rode him to another spurting climax. Then she did the same with Sam.

Curling between the men, she felt Sam when he rose and climbed out of the window and left. Much later, with the rain subsiding, Donnie told her he lived a couple buildings down. Judy picked up her purse and asked the question as casually as possible.

I know a guy who lives on Euterpe. Jimmy Walker."

"Yeah? He used to live in my building, just downstairs." Donnie's brow was furrowed now. "Jimmy's bad news. How you know him?"

Judy pressed herself against Donnie and french-kissed him again.

"That's my secret," she said.

"Well, he stays on Prytania now. Atop that food store painted green and yellow. But he's bad news, lady."

Donnie took Judy's hand and led her, naked, into the night to his apartment. Judy felt so naughty and sexy walking naked in the light rain, right on the sidewalk of Euterpe Street. Just before turning to Donnie's tenement, two men sitting on a porch across the street whistled and Donnie waved to them.

After a hot shower, they went to steep in Donnie's bed.

The next morning, Judy awoke with Donnie's big dick pressed against her stomach. Donnie was awake and looking at her. He rolled Judy on her back, climbed on her again and gave her another good long fuck.

Later, he gave her a pair of shorts and a T-shirt after and led her down to his beat up T-bird. Passing around the corner, on streets still wet, Donnie pointed to a wooden building painted green and yellow and said, "That's where Jimmy stays now. But he's bad news, lady."

She made note of the address. She had him let her out on Carrollton. As she started to climb out, Donnie reached over and fondled her breasts once again. She walked home after he pulled away. Going straight for the telephone, Judy called Homicide and waited on the line for the lieutenant.

"Lou, this is Judy Wilson. Third District Patrol. I have Jimmy Walker's address."

"You do?"

She gave the lieutenant Jimmy's address.

"Good work. I'll let you know if we get him."

Judy took another long shower and climbed naked on her bed. She lay there with closed eyes and remembered the excitement, the feeling of getting gangbanged by two strangers.

She must have fallen asleep; the phone woke her. It was Homicide.

"We got him," the lieutenant said. "I don't know how you found him, but that was good work, officer."

"Thanks," Judy said, hanging up and feeling so good that they'd finally caught that no-good, rotten cop-killer Jimmy Walker. Closing her eyes again, she thought about that, about how she had found Walker when no one else could.

Then she thought about what she'd done and her breathing increased as she lay on her back on her bed. Her eyes snapped open. She felt hot again, very hot. She replayed her walk on the wild side, replayed every scintillating moment. And it felt delicious.