Libido: Fiction: Seducing Geena
Seducing Geena

By Sophie DuChien

I met Geena in the women’s room in the Honolulu Airport. She walked straight up and asked for a tampon. That got us talking. And laughing.

We found out she was going to Japan to work on a film, and I was going to Seattle. We had time to kill.

After we realized that neither one of us could figure out the time changes across the International Date Line, I told her I had been writing about my life since leaving the banker beast. I admit I enjoyed saying, ". . . especially my sexual side." I find that’s a good way to get a quick read on people. If they are really uncomfortable, I know something important about them. Geena was not uncomfortable. She was in a league of her own.

Over mai tais -- I know, I know mai tais. . . but why not? We were in Hawaii, after all -- she insisted on telling me a story. "Write this," she said, hoisting her drink for a toast. I liked the lovely, nasty gleam in her dark eyes, "It’ll make a lot of women hot and enlightened men. . . hard."

I took that as a challenge. "To enlightened men, wherever they may be."

Geena settled into the back bench in the booth the farthest from the bartender, who was watching TV, and sucked on her plastic straw. She left lipstick smears on it at three levels. She laughed. I listened.

"This happened to me last year. It was something that never happened to me before. Not like this. . ." She stared into space, her eyes momentarily focused somewhere else.

"So tell me. . ."

"It was like this. I saw her; I wanted her. It was simple. It was unnerving -- not the least because I met her at a bar, something I am not in the habit of doing. Who meets people in bars these days?

"Anyway, bam! There she was. I was unprepared.

"I had gone with an old school chum who now signs acts to huge recording contacts for a Japanese-owned American record company to hear a young female trio. He was very high on the group, and I had nothing better to do. She was waiting at the postage stamp-sized table with two men. It was dark in there and from behind, when we were looking, I missed them on first glance because I thought there were three men at the table. My mistake.

"She was tall, wide-shouldered and short-haired. When she turned, her smile was so bright I almost didn’t notice her eyes reading me. But when I did, I had the most curious reaction. Goosebumps rose in my skin. It was so embarrassing. Even though it was nearly dark in the club, I felt naked. I almost winced when she shook my hand. I sat down quickly and shrank away from the conversation, trying to get back my composure.

"Larry, my friend, knew the two men and they and she chatted about the trio’s supposed bright future. But her eyes kept coming back to mine. They burned.

"I am no blushing flower, no passive little ninny, you know? I like to think I am in control, if not of all situations, at least in control of myself in situations. I don’t put up with overly aggressive people, men or women. But this was different. She wasn’t coming on to me, she was. . . understanding me, reading me like I was being scanned. I could feel it. Physically her interest enveloped me. And that was eerie, and so, so sensual.

"I had one of those revelations: ‘She is doing this at the same time she is taking care of business. She is marketing her group to the three men. She is engaging them, teasing them -- very subtly -- and working them. I think they don’t have any idea how they are being worked.’ I was thinking, ‘Wow, this woman is really doing something here. She is selling her group to these guys and making me wet at the same time. How is she doing this? Is it some scent she is wearing?’

"The trio, I have to say, was musically very mediocre. I had been expecting jazz, and got over-loud, bland pop. It didn’t matter. The men raved, mostly I suspect because they found the three 22-year-olds in black leather minis ‘sexy.’

"Afterwards the men asked us dancing and we both declined. ‘Too tired,’ we both said. In the restroom she said, ‘I can promise you a better time than all three of them together. Are you game?’ Much too quickly I said yes. She touched my arm, and I swear I felt it in both my thighs and across my chest. My nipples felt pinched.

"In the cab I found it hard to speak again. It was almost as if her spirit filled up the whole cab and was stroking me at the same time. The cabby even turned off his radio. His eyes were in the mirror so much I don’t understand how he could drive. I knew she was going to take me dancing and she would kiss me. If she touched me under my skirt, she would find I had wet panties. Then she would want to take me home, and when she got there she would undress me, and…you know the rest."

"No, I don’t, No I don’t. Please tell me the rest. I’m a journalist. I need to know everything." I wanted very much to sound sincere and not like a voyeur. Geena looked straight into her drink and smiled. "She said she would push me over a pile of pillows and vibrate me into never-never land."

She stopped and I was afraid to breathe for fear she wouldn’t go on. We sat in silence for a long moment so long I thought I would turn blue. Geena looked up directly into my eyes. She knew she had me.

"And I wanted it so much I could hardly speak."

I tried not to gasp. "Do you know what I mean?" My ears burned. I wasn’t certain if she were putting me on. It didn’t matter; I was getting wet. "You bet." I said, crossing my legs and squeezing. "The really funny thing is, that’s exactly what happened. Only there was more. . ."


"This still makes me feel funny."

"Oh good."

"I’d never done this before."

"You are driving me crazy. What is it?"

Geena was blushing. The deep dimples in her cheeks stood in sharp relief against cheeks that shone red even in subdued airport lighting. "Well, she put a condom on a dildo and the dildo in a harness and…don’t make me draw a picture. I always laughed at all that, but something different happened. I was overpowered with feeling."

"Sounds lovely," I said.

"It was. The best part was feeling her breasts while she was penetrating me. It made me crazy, pinching her nipples while I came."

Geena’s hand was on my arm. It was warm. I touched her cheek and her lids lowered half way. She pinched my arm. "You did say you take dictation?" She took my snort for assent. "Maybe we should think about laying over here for a night."

"I never thought you’d ask. Do you have any Nonoxynal 9?"

Geena smiled a wonderful, transparent movie star smile.