All Access

By Alison Tyler & Thomas Roche
Excerpt from His

I have a friend who’s a bouncer here; he showed me around. That’s how I know where to go when I make it backstage. I pass down a narrow hallway packed with black-clad roadies and sleazy-looking rock journalists, plus a few groupies; they all look me over pointedly, not even caring that I can tell they’re checking me out. It’s what I expect, after all; I’m not wearing much. Just a tight pair of electric blue patent-leather hot pants, a skintight string bikini top with red flames on the tits, and knee-high logging boots. My black leather biker jacket’s dangling from my hand. I took it off so I can show everything. The bikini top is so tight you can see my nipples through it, especially when they get all hard like this under the gaze of so many people.

As I squeeze down the hallway, I see the guys looking at me hungrily, openly, saying "Hi" and "Who are you?" and "Light my fire" and shit like that. The women, dressed kind of like me with their skimpy little fetishwear and their provocative tattoos, look at me nastily, viciously, knowing I’m the competition. All except for one. She’s got long short hair and she’s wearing a skintight pair of leather hip-huggers and a bikini top like mine, minus the flames. Her breasts are smaller than mine, but they’re gorgeous. She looks at me, her eyes roving over my breasts, my belly, my legs. She doesn’t seem to mind at all that I know she’s looking. I smile at her. She smiles back, and as I pass, she reaches out and her fingertips graze my belly. Her touch feels electric.

At the end of the hallway I find a huge biker dude in leather. I show him my pass. All Access. He looks at it, his eyes narrowed. I feel my stomach churning. It’s a pretty good forgery, but it’s not that good.

He looks at my face, looks at my tits, hands me back the pass. He opens the door.

I’m deep backstage, now, back where the band hangs out. There’s a long narrow hallway with several rooms on each side. I can hear some of them fucking around with their instruments. I glance into the rooms and recognize faces. Then I look up and stop dead in my tracks.

You’re standing at the end of the corridor, in front of the door with a star on it. You’re looking right at me.

Your eyes rove over my breasts, and my nipples stiffen fully under the tight top. God. You’re looking at me. Your eyes travel over my stomach, over the form-fitting shorts, lingering for a long time on the way they hug my pussy, conforming to its folds. I look at you and feel dizzy. You’re looking at my cunt.

You look at my face, smile at me. I’m too nervous to smile back.

You jerk your head slightly, toward the door with the star on it.

Then you open it and go through, leaving the door open.

I’m afraid my knees are going to give way. I feel wobbly as I hurry down the corridor after you, heading for the dressing room. I can feel the heat between my legs, from where you looked at me, igniting my cunt as if you have laser vision.

There are candles lit in the room, and I can smell incense. The lights are down low. There’s a black leather couch. You’re sitting on it, your legs spread, your tight leather pants showing your package, full and inviting.

Shaking, I walk over to you. I’m so nervous I forget to close the door, but you don’t seem to care.

You pull me down onto you. The second my body touches yours, I feel like I want to come. Your lips mold to mine, your tongue tasting of cigarettes and vodka as it enters me. I feel your hands pulling open the tie of my bikini top. It falls away easily, and your hands find my breasts.

I moan softly as you pinch my nipples; you’re laying back on the couch, and I’m on top of you, my legs spread over your waist. As I settle down over you, I wriggle down farther, pressing my tightly-clad pussy to your crotch. I can feel the swell of your cock. I can feel it getting hard.

My mouth comes free from yours and I reach for your belt, panting. I’ve got to have it. I can’t believe this is happening, but I’ve got to have you in my mouth.

When your cock comes free of your pants, it’s just as big as I imagined. I feel my pussy pulsing hungrily as I breathe in your smell. I close my lips over the head of your cock and swirl my tongue around, tasting your pre-come. It tastes divine; it makes me want you even more. My lips travel down your shaft as I swallow you all. You run your fingers through my hair as you moan. I start sucking your cock, desperately wanting your come.

That’s when I feel the second pair of hands, coming around my waist. Unbuttoning my skintight patent leather shorts. Pulling the zipper down.

I look up from your cock, look over my shoulder. It’s the girl from the hallway. I see that she remembered to close the door.

Your hand in my hair guides me back down onto your cock as she peels the shorts away from my moist skin, discovering that I’m not wearing anything underneath. Nothing at all. I keep sucking your cock, wanting it more than ever. The shorts slide easily down my thighs, my calves, over my ankles. Her hand comes up between my legs and I feel her stroking my smooth pussy. I feel her fingers, two of them, sliding into me, making me gasp. She has short fingernails. She starts to fuck me.

That only makes me suck your cock harder, because it feels so fucking good. It’s like she’s fucked me for a million years; she knows everything about my pussy. Her fingertips go right to my G-spot and her other hand finds my clit, toying with the small ring. She gives me three fingers, all the way, up to the knuckles. She presses firmly on my spot and I moan. She works my clit and my whole body, naked now except for the boots, trembles with pleasure.

I look up at you, my eyes wide, taking in your gorgeous, familiar face as you watch me suck you. You’re looking right at me, like you can’t get enough of my face, you can’t get enough of watching my mouth curve around your cock as my head bobs up and down.

She’s fucking me faster, now, three fingers in rhythmically, hitting the right spot each time, the other hand working my clit. I’m going to come. I’m going to come with your cock in my mouth.

You come before I do, though, I guess because I’m sucking you so good, because I want your come so badly in my mouth. I swallow it all. Every drop. As she listens to you moan, she fucks me faster, hitting my G-spot harder, pressing more firmly on my clit. That’s when I come, myself, feeling the thickness of your come filling my throat, its taste overwhelming me as I swallow. My whole naked body explodes in ecstasy, radiating out from my fucked-full cunt. I slump forward on top of you, her hand still inside me.

Her fingers slide out of me and you cradle my head between you and the back of the sofa. I feel helpless, just lost in the warmth of your embrace. You roll me over onto my back, so I’m kind of sitting in your lap, my legs stretching out to the end of the sofa. Your hands play with my breasts, making me whimper in pleasure as I watch her, the gorgeous, short-haired blonde girl with the small tits.

She’s taking her clothes off.

The bikini top, and the pants, too. The pants are so tight she has to peel them, really work to get them off. She’s not wearing anything underneath them, anything at all, just like me.

Naked, now, she saunters back to the sofa, looking into my eyes. I see what she wants, and I give it to her.

I slowly spread my legs.

She goes down onto her knees, her face descending between my thighs like she can’t wait for it. And she doesn’t; I let out a wild moan as I feel her tongue on my still-sensitive clit. She starts to eat me out.

You tip my head back and lean down, your mouth on mine again. You don’t even care that I just sucked your cock, just swallowed your come. Your tongue delves deep into me and you keep playing with my breasts. My nipples are sensitive enough that it feels, as you pinch them, like there’s a direct connection between her tongue on my clit and your hands on my tits. I’m going to come again. She eats me out mercilessly, devouring my pussy. Her fingers slide into me again as her tongue pulses on my clit. I’m going to come. And I do, writhing in your grasp, your tongue invading me and your hands controlling my breasts as she takes possession of my pussy again, takes it all, takes it and makes me come.

You’re both on top of me, then, the two of you kissing, her small breasts dangling in my face. I take one nipple in my mouth and start to suckle her. She gasps and says "Mmmmm, you want it, huh? I had you figured for a straight girl..." and then she’s reaching down behind me, to where your soft cock presses against my back. She curves her hand around it, starts to play with it.

Your cock starts to get hard.

I’m still lost in her breasts, loving the feel of the warm, smooth flesh against my face as I lick her nipples. You slip out from under me, your cock all the way hard, now, and she guides me down off the sofa, onto my knees. While sits in front of me and spreads her legs.

She eases my face between her thighs, spreading her pussy lips for me. My lips press to hers and I taste the sharpness of her cunt, so wet it drips down onto my chin as I lick it. I lick deeper and she moans as I make my way up to her clit. I like the way it makes her moan. I close my lips over her clit and begin working my tongue, needing her. Needing her to come for me.

You’ve got me on my knees, now, leaning forward on the sofa between her spread legs. You’ve got my ass raised high in the air, your hands holding my hips in place. You’re behind me, preparing to enter me.

I feel your cock against my pussy. I’m so wet even a cock as big as yours just slides right in. I gasp as it hits my deepest point, filling me. You groan a little, start fucking me. It feels incredible. It makes me want to eat her pussy even more. I delve into it with my desperate tongue, wanting more, more of her juice, more of her taste. Her tongue is big and firm and hard against the tip of my tongue. Her hands brush gently through my hair. You reach over me and guide my hands up to her breasts, and I play with her nipples as you fuck me from behind. You take firm hold of my hips and start to give it to me hard, really hard, like you’re getting ready to come. The sensations overwhelm me, the taste of her pussy, the feel of her breasts in my hands, her fingertips gently caressing my face, my nipples brushing against the rough leather of the sofa. It’s too much. It’s going to make me come again.

This time, I come first, moaning into her pussy as she closes her thighs around me. You don’t slow down, pounding me as you get closer to your own orgasm. I keep licking her clit, never wanting to stop. And then, unexpected, she comes, her ass rising, her hips pumping, forcing her pussy against my face as the spasms wrack her body. That’s when you let go, too, your cock pulsing inside me, and I feel the wetness flooding my pussy, fresh wetness, your second load of come inside me.

I lay there, slumped between the two of you, as I listen to your rhythmic breathing and her little whimpers of exhausted ecstasy. She reaches for her pants and lights a clove cigarette. The smoke smells sweet, overpowering the scent that covers my face. The scent of her pussy.

There’s a knock on the door. Someone calls your name. "Show time," he says.

"Gotta go," you tell us, tucking your big, gorgeous cock away and zipping up your leather pants. You’re going out there, onto the stage. You’re going out there to play, with your cock still dripping my juice. A shiver goes through me.

I look up at her as you open the door and go away, leaving it wide open. I’m still kneeling on the floor, my ass in the air, my pussy feeling open and full from you. My eyes meet hers. Her pink lips curve around the butt of the clove. She smiles.

She nods toward the door.

"Come on," she tells me. "Let’s go watch the show."

Excerpted with permission from
By Alison Tyler & Thomas Roche
(Pretty Things Press, 2003, ISBN: 1-57612-186-0)
208 pages, softcover $14.95